Do You Want to Make Your Interpersonal Relationship Healthy?

By: lakeceo020

Relations are one of the beautiful parts of life but they require a little dedication,honesty and contribution to nurture them.Your happy and attractive attitude matters a lot in making any relation strong and lifelong. If you are not really interested and serious about your relations then after sometimes some problems may arise.
Our unhealthy psychological state can destroy the harmony and trustworthiness from the relations.There are some psychological factors which are highly responsible for causing tension in interpersonal relationship.
• Inferiority is highly responsible for causing unhealthiness in the relation. Inferiority may arise because of looks, build and other factors.In this condition the suffering person feel himself unable to explain his own views, he hesitates to do things.He feels like lack of courage in his actions.A person who feel inferiority complex cannot offer valuable comments and suggestions.Other people also start thinking that it’s just wastage of time while talking with them.
• You must have noticed that those people are suspicious, every one want to stay away from them.Nobody likes to share their life with such people.In relationship, suspicion is the biggest enemy.It’s a big reason behind destroying the relationship.
• Selfishness means to always think about himself. Selfish people always want to get benefit from others.Such people always make contact with people,only for their benefits.Such people break contacts from such person who is not of any use for them.Selfishness always hurt others.When other people recognized their true face,then they are disrespected also but it doesn’t affect them.Relation is all about thinking for both,that’s why selfish people can’t stay for long there.
• Lack of sincerity is another factor that causes problems in the relations. To nurture the relation mutual understanding and respect for each other is essential.Only then a relation can progress.Due to the lack of sincerity people speaks anything that hurts the other person.Sincerity not only provides mutual respect but stops a person to cross his limits.In interpersonal relationship, sincerity factor is a must to strongly hold his.
• Ego is also a problem between the relations.Every person wants his things to be done first.No one wants to bend.Many relations those were looking quite promising at one time are destroyed by Ego. So it’s always better to stay away from this.
• Accept your mistake if you have committed any. Openly accept it and feel sorry for this.Your attitude will bring other person down and refresh your relation.But keep one important thing in mind is that never repeat your mistake.
Relations matters a lot in life.Our positive attitude and optimistic approach can help to rebuild them.

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