Do You Want To Buy A Grandfather Clock?

By: Rudy Silva

There are few ways to classify a grandfather clock. Experts use three factors. One factor is the material used in making the grandfather. The designer of the clock is another. The description of the architectural design is the third.

Clocks are built and finished using several types of materials. But, the most common is wood such as beech and cherry. Some modern grandfather clocks combine stone, metal, glass and other components.

Madison, Wesley and Franklin are three popular brands of grandfather clocks. Among them, the Madison is the one that is known as a gorgeous timepiece that towers at 6 feet 4 inches tall. It is also the newest collection.

A grandfather clock made by Madison uses linden wood for its body and Cherry for its finish. It includes a winding key on a 31-day clock, and sports a traditional look with its glass front.

It uses real wood, with an Oakwood finish. It does not use particleboard or pressed paper. The Wesley Oakwood grandfather clock fills the need for traditional grandfather clock. Its style is just fascinating. At 6 feet tall, it makes a great addition to your furniture or décor, whether at the office or at home.

Just as the name suggested, a grandfather clock of Wesley creation uses Oakwood for its finish. It neither uses pressed paper nor particle board; rather it uses real wood. Also featuring a 31-day key-wind movement, the Wesley Oakwood grandfather clock only needs to be wound once a month.

The chimes are produced by hitting two chime pin rods by two hammers. The springs which need to be wound are what drive the Wesley grandfather clocks. This grandfather clock makes a perfect gift if you are looking for a traditional grandfather clock.

Just like the Madison, the chimes indicate the hour of the day. Wesley grandfather clocks use pendulum to make them functional in telling time. When you buy this clock, you will see the pendulum swinging. When you try to stop the pendulum, you are stopping the clock.

The Franklin Cherrywood grandfather clock stands 6 feet 3 inches tall. It is elegantly-styled so that it fits any décor theme. It uses solid wood, with cherry wood for its finish, making it a grandfather clock to pass on from generation to next.

Franklin clock manufacturers ensure that its grandfather clocks are made of excellent material and wood work from base to head. The numerals used are Arabic. To denote time, the chimes sound every hour several times depending on the time, and once at half-hour.

It also uses 31-day key wind mechanical capacity. The traditional swinging lyre pendulums are beautifully crafted to fit any decoration. It also ensures time accuracy. It has detailed artwork and features an aged dial.

The architectural description of a grandfather clock involves the manner in which the clock operates. In the world of grandfather clocks, you can categorize them either as traditional/antique or contemporary.

A grandfather clock that is antique uses a key to wind the timing mechanism, and pendulum/weights with elaborate carvings. The contemporary grandfather clocks use battery to operate. Mostly, they also have sleeker lines.

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