Do You Want The Government To Pay For Your Debts? Apply For Obama's Government Grants

By: Lindsy Emery

Everybody knows that no government hands out money to people for no reason. However, being a man of convictions that he is, American President Barack Obama has decided to give away more than $40 million every year to take care of debts of those citizens who can't do it themselves.
In the recently announced "government grant for debt relief" program, the President has kept provision for almost any type of debt relief that one can think of. Be it an education loan, a vehicle loan, a home loan, a tax rebate or just simply the credit card debt that you have amassed over the years owing to your imprudent spending habits and excessive use of plastic money, this grant is good for everything.
In order to be eligible for this grant the first thing that you require is to be of legal age of more than 18 years. Secondly you need to be American citizen. And third and perhaps the single most important factor is that you should be in desperate need of the grant money to be able to clear your debts.
Keeping in mind that there'd be millions of people applying for the grant, the government has to be extra alert in screening the applications and choosing the candidates that well and truly need this amount. In doing so, the government has specifically alerted that all applicants must check their details and documents for 100% accuracy. If there is any incorrect data presented to the government, the repercussions would be severe.

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