Do You Need a Property Restoration Professional?

By: itshant

Some types of property restoration can be handled by the home owner, but in many situations you should call in the experts. How do you know when you need help? A lot depends on the type of damage, insurance requirements, and liability concerns.

A minor storm may loosen a few shingles or some siding, and many home owners can handle small property restoration jobs like that. A significant storm, a fire or earthquake, or other major events can leave severe damage. Sometimes, the problems can be hard to spot, and it takes an expert to make sure that your home is sound.

Structural damage requires someone who is properly trained. Unlike some property restoration tasks, if the foundation and structure of the home isn't repaired correctly, there can be dire consequences. Faults to the structure of the home are often difficult to spot. Exterior walls hide serious weaknesses that will cause dangerous situations in the future. Structural repairs are one of the most serious property restoration jobs and should always be handled by a professional.

Floods often leave behind more than water. Flood waters teem with sewage and other hazardous material. Property restoration after a flood must be done correctly to make sure these dangerous microbes are taken care of properly. Many home owners dry out the lower level with a dehumidifier and think that when visible water is gone, the work is done. A professional can make sure that the building materials are thoroughly dry or replaced. They may also be able to save some of your possessions that you might give up as lost. They also treat for mold and mildew, which is critical to avoid potentially dangerous conditions.

Fire and smoke damage has its own concerns. In addition to materials that are burned and need replacing, a property restoration professional should replace structural materials that might look fine, but are damaged by heat. Lingering chemicals from smoke can be harmful, and fire and smoke usually bring water damage as well. The average home owner can easily be overwhelmed by the task.

It's important not to overlook how your insurance affects your decision. Many insurers will require that you hire a licensed company to handle your property restoration. You certainly don't want to get half of the work done only to find out that your insurance will only pay if you hire a professional. In addition, an insurance company may not cover any future incident if the repairs aren't done perfectly. A licensed professional in the property restoration industry will take that responsibility off of your shoulders.

It's also a good idea not to overlook your own potential liability. Especially when a commercial or rental residential property is concerned, you want to protect yourself. If you make repairs and a problem later develops, you may face serious problems. A professional will have their own liability insurance, so you won't have to worry if there is a problem.

When your home or business is damaged, it might be tempting to handle the repairs yourself. It can seem like a great chance to save some money. The consequences of making a mistake, however, can be serious. An experienced property restoration professional can save you a great deal of time and money, and avoid many potential problems down the road.

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