Do You Need Supplements To Gain Muscle?

By: Sean Nalewanyj

To supplement or not to supplement?This question must have certainly crossed your mind.

"Do I need supplements to gain muscle or is it possible to maximize my muscle gains without them?"

Let's take a closer look at this issue.

This is a billion dollar question (given the insane amounts of money that are made off of supplements to gain muscle), and it all boils down to what we mean by the term "need".

The question we ask is "Do we actually need supplements?"

"Are supplements to gain muscle mass and strength something that bodybuilders need in order to experience gains in size and strength?"


Regardless of what the million-dollar supplement companies would have you believe, you do not need supplements to gain muscle mass and strength.

If you train hard and consume appropriate amounts of protein, carbs, and fats from whole food sources, you can and will see a major increase in your muscle mass and strength.

You do not need supplements to gain muscle.

Taking this into account, bodybuilders shouldn't use any supplements to gain muscle, should they?


Let's examine the second definitionů

"Do bodybuilders need supplements to gain muscle mass and strength to become as big and strong as they possibly can?"

The answer to this question?

If you choose to take the supplement route, you will definitely see more gains as compared to a bodybuilder who chooses to go without supplements, especially if you invest in the correct products and take them in the right amounts.

With the endless hours of hard work and dedication that you put in at the gym and at home on your quest to achieving the physique you desire, it only seems logical that a few extra bucks should be spent on supplements to gain muscle and maximize your gains.

The question you simply have to ask yourself is "How much are my muscle gains worth to me?"

If improving the convenience of your eating plan is worth the price of that tub of whey protein, then it makes sense to purchase it.

"Do bodybuilders really need supplements to gain muscle?"

If you're serious about achieving the most significant muscle size and strength gains that you possibly can, then I definitely would recommend a basic and straightforward supplement plan to maximize your results.

I recommend working with these four supplements:

1) Whey Protein
2) Creatine
3) High-Potency Multivitamin
4) Essential Fatty Acids

This is a great place to start and will go a long way in increasing your lean muscle mass, strength, and fat burning capabilities.

If you want to get serious about reaching your muscle-building goals, check out these options to get that extra edge.

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