Do You Need A Pop Up Greenhouse?

By: Floren Neel

Would you be interested to raise your own green thumb this season? Worry not; you can even turn your small balcony, your terrace or even your small backyard patch into a lush and colorful living space. Space constraint is a perpetual reality to the urban homeowners' however that doesn't mean that they have to compromise on their outdoor innovations and home gardening ideas! Thanks to the advancement of plastic and polymers nowadays the concept of pop up greenhouse has provided a lot more contemporary dimension to your home gardening concepts while eliminating all those age old hazardous gardening challenges, whatsoever.

This means, today's home gardeners are no more restricted to those limited seed pot cartridges or limited to those myopic ideas of backyard gardening and harrowing process of gardening because the agile concept of portable greenhouse stands as a staggering reality. And if you are still not paying attention to your inner gardener's instinct then you are actually missing out quite a lot of the fun. Rethink and invest on a storage house to raise your green thumb now.

Why do you need a pop up greenhouse?

As briefed above, a portable plant house is simply an ideal alternative for the amateur or urban gardener to any of those age old freestanding or attached structure. It is stackable, movable and collapsible and also offers seasonal protection to your young and tender plants, year after year. Reckoned as the mini greenhouses, they come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, patterns and models.

One of the main advantages which the mini greenhouse offers is sheer convenience. You can simply set it up whenever and wherever you need it and then take it down when you are done with your seasonal gardening. In sharp contrast, an archetypal greenhouse is rather permanent and also involves quite a significant amount of cost investment.

Moreover, you can also set up a mini greenhouse wherever you may like, no matter how small the place may be. A pop up greenhouse in place also allows you in taking the utmost advantage of the sunlight positioning and last but not the least you can even use it overnight for protecting your plants from frost.

Pop ups are like other greenhouses

Get it straight here; pop ups are just like the other greenhouse with just one significant difference - these are collapsible. Sure you can use them for extending your growing season. And if you want to harvest your own tomatoes and salads then a portable storage house stands as your best option to bank on. For instance, you can use them to start with the tomato seeds instead of growing then indoors.

Needless to say, in the same way like any traditional greenhouse, your mini pop up will be able to take the advantages of solar heat.

Usually the pop ups come with a zippered and screened vent opening, which allows adequate amount of air circulation during the day. You can also keep the vents closed to keep in the humidity.

Why do you need a pop up greenhouse?

  • These are easy to set up, easier to maintain, disassemble, collapse and store.

  • These are also much inexpensive than any of those freestanding and attached ones.

  • Pop ups are also available in various sizes to cater to your varying growing needs.

  • Because these are movable you can shift your garden from one place to another.

Finally, if you need a temporary greenhouse space for spring or fall gardening, if you have less space for gardening, if you like a contemporary, easy and above all a portable means of protecting your plants from the winter frost then a storage house is an incredible option to rely on.

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