Do You Need A New TV Aerial Installation?

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With the digital switchover being well underway and many counties across the UK already having being switched over to the digital signal already, your aerial plays an important part when watching TV through Freeview. Of course if you have chosen to watch digital TV through such as Sky Digital or Freesat then your aerial is not as important as the signal comes from a satellite dish. Anyone having problems with their digital picture may need to upgrade their aerial. With this is mind you may wish to give some thought to whether or not you need a new TV aerial installation.

Getting the Most from Your Aerial

Typically when it comes to getting the best picture from your aerial it should be mounted on the exterior of your home and as high as possible. When booking a company for TV aerial installation they will generally be able to tell you where the most suitable place for your aerial will be. Depending on your situation and where you live the aerial fitters may suggest that you have your new aerial fitted on a pole to ensure you get the best signal from it.

Problems with Aerials

While aerials will usually give many years of excellent TV viewing there may be a time when your aerial fails you. This could be something as simple as your aerial being out of alignment or damage to it. There are numerous reasons why this may occur including:

Snow on the aerial;
High winds and gales dislodging your aerial;
Something being wrapped around the aerial such as a plastic bag;
Damage from large birds;
Cabling being damaged;
Wear and tear to the aerial or cabling;
Damage caused by sea air if living near the coast;
Bracket or pole damage

When this occurs your TV picture will suffer as the signal will not be strong enough. Generally this is seen in the form of snow on your screen, otherwise known as a grainy picture. Your picture may also stutter or keep breaking up. In the worst case scenario you may not receive anything but static. This is when you need to consider new TV aerial installation or at the very least repairs.

Poor Signal Strength

One of the most annoying problems that typically occur when your signal is not strong enough is ghosting. This is typically seen as a double image and it can be caused by numerous factors which include:

The signal bouncing off solid objects including;
Hills that surround your property;
Buildings taller than your home which are surrounding you;
Machinery, such as cranes;
The signal reflecting off the sea, if you live close to the sea

One way of getting rid of ghosting is to have your aerial realigned or you may upgrade your aerial with a new TV aerial installation and have a directional aerial or high gain aerial which should provide a better digital signal and a much better picture.

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