Do You Know the "Birdcage Logic" and "Broken Window Effect "

By: Sylvia

If a beautiful bird cage was hung in the most conspicuous placein the room,in a few days, the host will make one of the following two choices:throw the cage away, or buy a bird back in cage. This is birdcage logic. Process is so simple. You imagine that you were the host of the room, as long as someone came into the room and saw cage,he can't help ask you: "bird? Dead?" When you answer: "I have never owned a bird before."He would also ask: "so, why do you want a birdcage ?" Finally you have to choose the above two alternatives,because this is better and easier than the endless explaining .One simple reason for cage logic : people take inertial thinking in most of the time. So it is of great importance to train logical thinking in the life and work .
Broken window effect
There is a phenomenon called "broken window effect"on psychological research, that is,if a window of house was broken,no one went to repair it. Later, other Windows would also be broken puzzlingly.If a wall appeared some graffito which were not washed, soon, and the wall would be at mess and something congenial.In a clean place, people will feel embarrassed to throw rubbish, but once the earth appeared waste , and then people will go to cast without implicity , but don't have the shame.This is very strange phenomenon. Psychologist research call this "bomb fuse".The ground is dirty,people will think anyway a little dirty is ok.If it did not stop off at the outset ,Anything bad will form ethos ,then it is hard to change and get rid of.Just as embankment, a small gap was not repaired timely, then it can collapse with killing millions of times of dam loss
Crime is actually result of disorder,in the 1980s in New York , it was nowhere not to rob and not to kill everyday.People feared to walk on the road in daylight.Not to mention the subway,the carriage was very dirty, the filthy words were everywhere. Although I have not been robbed,I saw a professor in daylight was knocked,then his eyes failed .Henceforth , his research careers ended.the story always make me fear for many years, so that I do not want to go to New York for a meeting. Recently I am rather surprised that the appearance and reputation in New York city are promoted more.

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