Do You Know These 9 Factors Of Success In Internet Marketing?

By: John Karnish

Do you know what it takes to succeed Online? Bryan Winters in his eBook, The Online Success Blue Print, lists several Factors that will determine your success online. This short article will look at several of these factors.

Factor One – The Art Of Copywriting. Copywriting is essential to your success online. Without the power of persuasion, you’ll have very little luck getting people to buy your product, join your affiliate program, or even read your ad.

Here are some simple steps for becoming a better copywriter.

* Spend 1 to 2 hours a day copying by hand the greatest sales letters on the net. By doing this, you’ll automatically train your brain to create great copy.
* Create a swipe file of the greatest sales letters to use as examples when you create your own sales letters and ads.
* Get to know your customer like your best friend. Learn their needs and desires, their fears and what their hot buttons are.

Factor Two – Obtain a Great Product. Information products are the best online because of the low cost, usually free to create and ship them. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own product, you can always sell resell rights. Just search around until you find some that are worth selling. Start with low cost ones and sell higher ticket items to customers that you established rapport with.

Factor Three – Creating A Killer Web Site. There is so much information to be printed on this topic that it could take up another article. So, I decided to send you to a web site that has some very in depth information on the subject. You’ll be able to find all you need at

Factor Four – Automation. You want to automate as much of your sales process as necessary. You really should consider services like ClickBank.Com or PayDOTCom to accept credit cards for you and automatically deliver your products to your customer.

Factor Five – Testing Your Copy. Constantly test as much of your website as you can in order to determine what brings you the most sales. Test products, prices, headlines, ad copy, places to advertise…

Factor Six – Stirring up Targeted Traffic. It’s not just important to have traffic to your site, you need targeted traffic. Advertise in ezines that are targeted to your product. Select the right search terms to focus on in your search engines campaigns. Bid on the right keywords in Overture.Com. Get reciprocal links from targeted websites.

Factor Seven – Get Them to Opt In. Success is almost impossible without getting your visitor to opt in. Whether you have an ezine, a marketing course, or just a free report it’s essential to get your visitors email address. It takes up to seven times for most people to see an offer before they act. You need to follow up. It also is much easer to make a sale from people that you established a relationship with.

Factor Eight – Utilize Your List. What good is it to have a mailing list if you don’t use it? Send special offers out atleast 1x a month. Use your list for Joint Ventures. Sell ad space in your ezine.

Factor Nine – Create Multiple Streams Of Income. Since we are creating websites that are automated, why stop at just one. The people that are making a living on the net have several websites.

This is just a teaser… To get in depth information on all of the factors, be sure to read Bryan Winters, The Online Success Blue Print.

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John Karnish is the founder of OptInIncome.Net, a free community devoted to building responsive lists. To get a free copy of The Online Success Blue Print become a free member of John’s site.

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