Do You Get Any Benefits From Training Your Golden Retriever?

By: John Philips..

One the most rewarding and fulfilling activities you will ever be involved in is training your Golden Retriever. It is more than just teaching him to come to heel or rollover. Every member of the family should be included in the undertaking and, for your sanity and sanitation it is important that house training your Golden Retriever is first on the agenda.

A number of schooling periods a day may be necessary in the initial stages and a lot of time and perseverance to properly train a Golden Retriever. Dogs have contrasting degrees of learning abilities and so respond at different rates to training, Golden Retrievers, however are one of the more amenable breeds. Punishment and fear are the biggest obstacles to training as most breeds of dogs respond quicker to favourable inducements. Instruction and understanding for a dog is important, but training your Golden Retriever is more involved.

Done correctly obedience training for your Golden Retriever, which should not be discretionary, is the best way to keep both you and your dog happy. Despite the fact that it can get disappointing at times you should always carry out the training with a positive attitude and reward your dog when he gets something right rather than punishing him for lapses. Building your relationship with your dog will bring about a change in character and terminate most behavioural problems.

Severe punishment tactics can actually cause behavioural problems in itself and in many cases bring about the opposite behaviour than what you are trying to achieve, even compounding existing ones. A Golden Retriever, especially a puppy, will generate his own routine and habits if left unsupervised, therefore, constant supervision is paramount. Use verbal reprimands instead of punishment and reward good conduct with lavish praise. Using positive methods to define behaviour is fun for you and your Golden Retriever and if he is clear about where he stands and his function within the group will have no behaviour problems.

A dog trainer maybe the answer if you find that the task of training you Golden Retriever seems overpowering. A trainer must be knowledgeable, an obvious skill, but additionally successful trainers must have commitment, patience, and flexibility. Experience dealing with different breeds of dogs is also very important, but so should he be discerning, passionate, and comfortable around dogs and most of all is able to relate to people, as well as dogs, in a class or one to one environment. Finding a reputable dog trainer shouldn't be too difficult, but the first place to inquire would be your local kennel or veterinarian's office.

The correct way of house training and handling your dog will be one of the first things a professional dog trainer will teach you. You will actually see and hear directly from somebody who is experienced in the task. Keep in mind, however, that most dog trainers, especially a problem dog trainer, will spend most of his time training the owner, so be prepared for this.

Golden Retrievers, like all dogs, are impressed by your reactions even when they don't understand them, but they do not recognise the spoken language unless it's represents something meaningful to them. Being constant in your demands and remembering your enthusiastic praise is the finest training medium you have will help him understand. The dog must realise that it is the bad behaviour that you don't like, not the dog itself.

When considered carefully you will learn that you as the instructor will learn even more from this association with your Golden Retriever. And a properly trained Golden Retriever will yield years of delight and commitment.

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