Do You Feel Continually Depressed and Bloated for No Reason?

By: Kathleen Fuller, Ph.D.

Here’s the Answer- Candida or Fungi

Do any of these symptoms describe you?
Symptoms are:
1. Fatigue and clouded thinking
2. Sugar cravings with bloated gut
3. Vaginal rashes or other itchy rashes
4. Your doctor can’t find anything wrong with you
5. Feelings of depression and being older than you are
6. Abdominal pain
7. Indigestion
8. Joint pain with arthritis-like symptoms
9. Chronic sinus drainage -which antibiotics don't help!
10. Weight loss or gain and the inability to change it.
11. Fungus on the finger or toe-nails
12. Urinary infections (not helped by antibiotics)
13. Itching, red eyes
14. Candida Skin rashes on the body (eczema, atopic dermatitis)
15. Candida Rash inside the ears or around the groin area
16. Anal or vaginal itching

If any of these symptoms make sense to you then read on and discover, like I did, the solution to this mysterious condition that was life threatening for me.

Candida Albicans is a yeast like fungal organism that is normally found in our intestinal tract. However, when the body balance is compromised then Candida can change from beneficial yeast into a dangerous fungus. What causes Candida to change into something dangerous? Many modern medical practices can stress our immune systems and lead to the destructive fungus. These practices are as follows: over use of antibiotics without lab tests to determine if needed, steroids, oral contraceptives, high acidic pH levels from poor diet and modern day stress or trauma, hormone imbalances, and exposure to toxins in the home or office especially molds.

What is interesting to know is that the Candida when it has changed into a dangerous fungus can very quickly grow and overwhelm the friendly bacteria such as the acidophilus that are found in everyone’s intestines. These friendly bacteria have the job of keeping natural yeast in balance. Again when the diet is laden with sugars and white flours or generally fast foods then the deadly new fungal form of yeast grow rhizoids (longing burrowing legs) that penetrate the intestinal wall. This aggressive penetration can cause bowel damage and intense pain.

As time goes on, the morphed fungal yeast creates the condition, known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. I know because this occurred in my intestines. It became life threatening when I loss so much weight and had such pain I could hardly stand it. Because of the leaky gut partially digested proteins and the yeast itself travels into one’s bloodstream and became toxic poisons in the body. Those undigested foods directly enter the bloodstream and then cause an immediate allergic reaction to certain foods you may be eating. Once the yeast infection has access to one’s whole body, it becomes systemic Candida or systemic candidiasis. It can be a terrifying life threatening health problem.

I urge you to become more aware of this health problem because this could happen to you. You may have just one, two or many of these yeast infection symptoms! I started with just a few and I ignored the symptoms. It’s better to be more observant of your own health. Yet the list of symptoms can be confusing because these symptoms can be of other illnesses as well. Remember that doctors are of little help because medical schools offer no formal training in fungal conditions in the body.

Taking action is encouraged. After all, the dangers of an untreated infection far outweigh the potential of naturally treating an infection that isn't really Candida. With doctor recommended natural treatments you have that safe home based alternative.

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