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By: Gurleen kour

World has become a smaller place to live in, not by its size, but by the reach and the access which people have to each other. Today, the people have become closer to each other with the scenario of globalisation coming into practise. Internet is the basic platform, which has resulted in the globalisation of the world. Communication has become more easy and convenient with the use of internet, thereby making the lives of the common people more easy and satisfactory. People now-a-days have easy access to their friends and relatives, they can easily communicate with them and maintain an active flow of input and output procedure of the communication process in their jobs also. Letters, long distant calls, absence of close relatives from distant places, has been replaced by e- mails, net- calls, or conversations through webcam, all which has been possible due to the adoption and implementation of internet in the lives of the people.

Internet has been a great modifier in the working standards and styles of the agencies and organisations. It has helped in a great way to help employees in keeping themselves updated and informed about the latest happenings in the organisation as well in the respective industries, which they are working for. Other than bringing changes in the work environment and the job responsibilities and work areas for employees, it has also lead to a major reform in the work culture of the employees these days.

A new work culture practised these days is working from home. Though the job responsibilities of the employees remain same, but the comfort level and the time devoted for the travelling purpose from home to office is something, which can be utilised producing more job assignments. The job of an employee in all conditions in either of the cases, working from home or from office, is the fulfilment of the targets given and producing profitable results for the organisation.

Some of the advantages of working from home are:

Flexibility in job timings: Working from home enables employees to flex the job timings, according to their convenience, because at the end one needs to achieve the targets given to him for the day. It depends on the individual when he takes break and does his job, the organisation at the end the day is always considered with the completion of the set of targets given to its employees.

Save money: Employees are able to save money, because of the fact, that they do not have to travel the distance from the home to office, which in some cases consumes a lot of money, which a person gets from his job.

Freedom: Working from home gives the employees the freedom to think and work in his own space of comfort. Sometimes, employees, who do not feel comfortable in the office environment, have the best option of executing their job responsibilities from home, with the presence of their basic and usual environments and requirements.

Though, working from home is a procedure which is not applicable on every employee of the organisation, it depends on the work level and the position which an employee holds in the company. Also, the immediate boss and head of the team plays an important role in deciding whether the employee should be granted with the benefit of working from home or not, depending on his work performance and behaviour within the office. Generally the employees who are at a senior level in the organisation are given with the flexibility of working from home, in their job profile. Another case, where a person can be granted with the facility of working from home, is, when the person is ill or has met with some accident and is bed ridden but have the capability to access his work from home.

All these things and developments have only become possible due to the advancements in the field of technology and internet becoming the major mode of communication, whether its providing ease in the personal or professional lives, it has proved to be a blessing for the human in each of the ways.

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