Do It Yourself Landscaping Maintenance & Lawn Care

By: Nery Hale

You and your husband decided to take care of the lawn instead of hiring a professional landscaping company. Well that plan hasn't gone so well, because it's been a lot of work! Lawn care was suppose to be easy but it's harder then what you thought it would be. Well rest assured you are not the only one struggling to keep a beautiful healthy lawn. Maybe you live in New England where seasons change, and snow removal is a must in winter months. As season changes, your lawn gets beat up and you don't know what to do.

So you have searched online how to keep your lawn healthy and cleaned. Maybe hiring landscaping service has crossed your mind but can be over your budget. Either way, here are the DIY lawn tips on how to keep your lawn maintained, and healthy throughout the year.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care
1. Test your soil to figure out it's PH. You want to analyze and know exactly how healthy the soil is. Soil is very important since it impacts how nutrients are delivered to the grass.

2. Now that your soil is tested and you know where it stands, you need to......mow it! The obvious thing is to mow your lawn, but there is a specific time when to do this. Lawn mowing will allow the soil to breathe properly and make your grass grow healthier.

3. Create a chemical schedule for your lawn that will last 4-6 weeks. Start this process in early or beginning of spring for best results. Starting this process early on will help ensure that your lawn grows strong in the long run.

4. Sunlight is very important which you don't have much control of, but watering is a must for success. Water your lawn at least every five days for best results. The roots of grass will be thanking you when you continue to supply it with the water it needs. This will also prevent any brown patches on your lawn, with addition of proper fertilization.

There is a such thing as over cutting or mowing too much your grass. The recommended height for your grass is 2 to 2.5 inches and this will maintain your lawn to be healthy. When you mow your lawn too low, you create opportunities for weeds to grow, which are not fun to kill. The length of the grass has another important task which is to hold more water than shorter grass. So the right length of your grass will keep your lawn hydrated. When choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn then think organic. Grabbing an organic fertilizer will absolutely make your lawn healthier, since it doesn't kill the good insects. Non organic fertilizer will kill all insects, including those that are beneficial for your lawn.

The above tips are just a few things that you can do today, to make sure that you treat your lawn right. Many homeowners are really busy with family, and work, which we completely understand. Lawn Care Services Warwick provides the education and landscaping maintenance that you might be looking for. Although you master the four steps that I gave, time is something that you can't ever get back. If you have all the time in the world, then hey get that lawn healthy, green, and beautiful. If you don't have tons of time then hiring a professional lawn care company might be best.

Lawn Care Services Warwick offers top landscaping maintenance services and has been around for years. In the spring and summer we can keep your lawn well maintained in the schedule you would prefer (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or by appointment). When fall arrives our lawn care experts can come cleanup all the colorful leaves that are on your property. When snow hits the ground, we can of course take care of that too. Snow removal services is also available, and our workers will provide you with great customer service.

If you desire the best lawn care in town, then call and make an appointment with Lawn Care Services Warwick WarwickLawnCare.Com. Not only do we provide the services that most customers are looking for but our experts will give the proper recommendations for your lawn. There is no job too large or too small for us guaranteed! Your neighbors will be asking who does your lawn care, once our job is done on your property. Save some time and create memories with your family while we take care of your lawn. As we say, “Let it grow, and we will mow!”

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