Do Credit Repair Law Firms Really Work?

By: Stuart Hunter

For every person that advocates using a credit repair company, it seems like there are three more that are trying to convince you that credit repair services are nothing more than a complete farce. But if there isn't such thing as a legitimate credit repair company, why are there federal laws dictating how a credit repair company should operate instead of federal laws outlawing the practice? Why does the Federal Trade Commission make the distinction on their website of "a legitimate credit repair operation" and why do they provide tips to help you shop for a credit repair company? Why if offering credit repair services is such a shady practice are there large and very public organizations who have been doing so for decades? And why, if credit repair companies are all a scam, are there so many thousands of people who have had success repairing their credit with the help of a credit repair organization?

It should be pretty obvious by now that there are legitimate credit repair companies. If you take a few moments to understand more about credit repair, you can see why this is the case. As has been argued so many times by critics of credit repair services, there's nothing a credit repair service does for you that you cannot do yourself. The critics are correct on this point.

The truth is that credit repair firms don't do anything you cannot for yourself. You have the legal right to dispute any questionable negative listings in your credit reports with the credit reporting agencies. You also have the right to work with your individual creditors to try to get them to stop reporting damaging accounts on your credit reports or start reporting positive items. You also have an assortment of legal rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to forcefully demand that creditors and collections agencies stop reporting negative items and all of this can be done by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, and at very little monetary cost. Of course, this could be said for many services you pay for already.

Credit repair firms operate by performing these tasks for you. Much like a mechanic you pay to or a barber to cut your hair, you are employing a credit repair provide a service you have every right to perform yourself. But as is the case with these other services, when using a credit repair company you are benefiting from their knowledge and experience. And in the end, you will probably end up with better results achieved in less time than if you had attempted to tackle the job yourself. In many cases, this saved time, effort, and frustration outweighs the cost of attempting to do the job yourself.

Credit repair works; the countless number of people who have successfully improved their credit scores after working to repair their credit is proof of that fact. Since credit repair organizations perform the same credit repair tasks for you, as long as you select a reputable credit repair company like Lexington Law to lend you a hand, using a credit repair company works as well if not better than working to clean your credit reports yourself.

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Credit repair companies can be a valuable tool for people who need help cleaning their credit, but finding a good credit repair law firm can be challenging. A safe choice is Lexington Law who has been providing credit correction services since 1991.

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