Do Colors Play an Important Role in Free Food Logos Designs?

By: Tammy Becker1

Every year, big corporations spend millions of dollars testing the use of the right colors for their free food logo designs.

Ever wondered why?

Because they want to know how each color affects their customers' decisions and preferences and ultimately their sales!

You can't escape colors, just like you can't escape death and taxes. They're all around you and they have you surrounded. But what many people don't know is the deep effect these colors have on your mood, attitude, perception, likes and dislikes.

Using the right colors in your logo design will stimulate the right attitude from your customers.

The best effect is through the use of solid colors. Gradients or shades of two or three colors can give a customer mixed signals which is why eatables related businesses tend to use single solid colors as the overall theme of their brand designs.

Ever wondered why you see so much of red and yellow colors in the dining industry business marks?

Because yellow represents laughter and happiness while red is known for its energetic nature. Red color also makes you hyper active due to which you tend to eat and drink more. That coupled with loud music is one of the fast food restaurant's secret weapons to stimulate sales.

Similarly, blue is a soothing color which makes you calm and serene but is also known as the least appetizing color which is why you don't see a lot of it in restaurant trademarks.

But what if you are creating a brand mark for a fast moving consumer good food company? Can you use the same colors that you used for a restaurant?


If you're designing an FMCG company's trademark, then you want to generate consistency, dependability and care through your business image and the best colors for that are green or blue on a white background. Here, through your business image you want to gain your customers trust and tell them how fresh and hygienic your product is. You also want them to know that you care about the environment. Blue is a color known to generate trust and dependability and green color shows concern for the environment. These colors on a while or neutral background give the perception of loyalty, reliability and faith.

Ever noticed how cat and dog food logo designs use a lot of brown and yellow color in their brand marks? Why is that?

The color brown symbolizes genuineness, earthiness and nature while yellow color is known to be optimistic and also enhances concentration and speeds metabolism which makes these two colors perfect to be used to coax a customer to buy your product for his pet.

So, to ask once again, do colors play an important role in food brand mark designs?

The answer is 'certainly yes'!

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Tammy Becker is a senior graphic design consultant at a professional graphic design company. For more information free food logo please contact at dog food logo .

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