Do Chemicals In Skin Care Products Cause Wrinkles?

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With all the hoopla in the media about what types of skincare products are good for you and which ones will destroy your health, it can make a simple task — shopping for anti aging skin creams in the pursuit of younger looking skin — a veritable challenge. What types of products should you be using, and which ones should you stay far away from? Is a natural or organic beauty product really that much better than its chemical-filled drugstore counterpart? Let’s take a look at what’s lurking in your cabinets.

First of all, what do chemicals actually do to your skin? If you look on the back of your cosmetics and anti aging face creams, you may notice a few unfamiliar words: parabens (often with prefixes attached, as there are several types of parabens), mineral oil (a fancy way of saying “petroleum”), propylene glycol and alcohols. These chemicals are not just in your anti aging skin creams though; you can find them in a plethora of beauty products, including makeup items, hair-care products, and body lotions.

Best case scenario, these harsh chemicals in your anti aging face creams can lead to a dry complexion, which can emphasize wrinkles and fine lines. So chemicals allow wrinkles to become more pronounced and noticeable, since the skin isn’t hydrated enough to disguise them. But more problematic, these chemicals have been scientifically proven to cause health problems. Many of these chemicals are drying to the skin, and can cause blemishes by clogging your pores. Parabens have been linked to increased production in estrogen internally, which can be a factor in certain types of cancer. These chemical substances can also interfere with your body’s natural processes, by screwing with your circulatory system and hormone levels.

Meanwhile using a natural or organic beauty products don’t cause any of these problems, because these products only contain ingredients that can be found in nature. In addition, organic products must be certified by governing entities to be labeled as such. They do not contain any substances that are harmful to the skin or body, so if you use a natural or organic beauty product for younger looking skin, you can ensure a healthier complexion that won’t see any damage based on the products you’re using.

Besides knowing what’s in your products, an organic beauty product will still be able to provide your body with the results you want, including hydration, firmness and vitality.

If you’ve been using chemical-laden beauty products your whole life, it’s never too late to make the switch to natural anti aging skin creams. You may even be surprised at your younger looking skin after you make the switch to an organic beauty product! That firm, fullness of your skin cells can tighten your features, akin to a facelift without surgery.

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