Divorce in Thailand – Uncontested Divorces

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Sadly divorce can happen for a variety of reasons and it pays to be prepared for what to expect should you have to experience divorce in Thailand. There are many websites and stories of both sides getting burnt from divorce proceedings but this happens everywhere in the world, not just for Thailand yet it still is in everyone’s best interest to learn more about the laws of Thailand and how they relate to divorce in Thailand.

There are two types of divorce in Thailand and they will be discussed in the next series of articles. Suffice to say that the courts play a major part as they do in the rest of the world but an uncontested divorce is the most simplest but often causes the most problems also. Uncontested as you know means something happens without any reason stopping it from happening. If you look at that in the context of divorce in Thailand then you will see that this is actually quite dangerous and it literally means that a divorce, if uncontested, can happen for any reason at all.

Now just imagine how the people involved must feel. There are usually the most obvious grounds for divorce which we will not go in to here but I am sure you can think of them but there will clearly be some more obscure ones in terms of an uncontested divorce and that is why a contested divorce seems to be the norm in a lot of places although whether or not this is the case for divorce in Thailand remains to be seen.

From a personal perspective, in terms of either the bride or the groom then a contested divorce may be best as the courts have to have good reason to grant a divorce in that case and when assets and children are involved then this would be the better path to travel down instead of an uncontested divorce which can actually create and generate more pain for all involved. Imagine one day waking up to be told you are being granted a divorce with no real reason why this is happening except minds were changed. The heartbreak and grief would be immeasurable and beyond comprehension of most people.

Divorce in Thailand or anywhere in the world is stressful and tiring and can often have many casualties. Again, from a personal perspective, if you look at divorces in Thailand and then look at other places like the Philippines where divorce is illegal then you may be what would happen if Thailand adopted the same stance in terms of divorce (abortion is illegal so why not divorce?) and it would certainly be interesting to see if it had any effect on marriage and the sanctimony of it if you knew you could not be divorced. Personally I know that I would be very careful if that were the case as getting married would have huge significance but it may also put people off it also although it would be an experiment that would be interesting to see if Thailand were brave enough to act like this.

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