Divorce as a Solution to Your Domestic Problem

By: Anastasia Moore

You have been suffering from a bad marriage for what? Ten, twenty years? Okay, maybe you are not beaten to death every day. Maybe what you have is not like the other people’s definition of suffering. But you believe that your marriage is going nowhere, and you are just wasting your life with someone you do not even love anymore. Or, even if you still love your partner, you have nothing but complaints with your marriage. If you lost every other reason to stay in your sorry excuse for a marriage, perhaps it is time to contact a Maryland divorce attorney.

You think that is not the right thing to do? Maybe you have Christian values—to get married only once, honor your vows, and stay with your partner until the day of your death. Maybe you are not a Christian, but you are a dutiful and responsible wife and mother. Maybe you believe that a united family is still the best for your children. Let us say all these reasons have a point. But are these enough to make you feel contented again and ignore your anxiety and your doubts? Are these reasons enough to stay and put up to every misgivings of your spouse?

If these reasons seem lacking, a Maryland divorce attorney can help you point out all the right reasons why you need this separation. You cannot find good enough reasons to stay. Did it not occur to you that all the right reasons are with your decision for separation? We all know that having money, a good house, and cars bring more comfort than we dare admit. But they do not make you breathe in the air and actually smell that sense of freedom and independence. These materials are more comfortable, but they can’t make your life any lighter or lift you from your eternal pit of depression.

Yes, shopping can be a solution. But you don’t want to be an addict, you know. There is such a thing as a shopaholic. Once you become a shopping addict, it is really hard to go back. And anyway, that is not an actual solution. Throwing your mood swings to your spouse or children as a form of catharsis is not a good idea either. But take this. Talking to a Maryland divorce attorney about your domestic problems can actually be a very good solution.

You and other people might call this selfish, but you cannot go on with the rest of your life and pretend that everything is just fine and dandy. Call it selfish. But your happiness is also important. It is either your spouse listen to you and address all your concerns or he or she meet up with you and your Maryland divorce attorney in the courts. Divorce is a serious matter. If your marriage cannot be resolved by talk and compromise, it is going nowhere by separation. I know this seem really harsh, but that is just how it is. We have to make decisions to make us happy—even for just once in our lives.

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