Discussed and Not So Discussed Reasons to Work Online from Home

By: Chris Carpenter

As work from home career opportunities increase, more and more people are looking at the possibility of working online from the comfort of their home.

Below is a list of some discussed and not so discussed reasons working from home might be the best option for you.

1. The “Carrot” is not really attainable: My close friends and I worked for years with corporations because we were working for the “carrot”. The “carrot” being cashed in stock options or large commission checks that are just around the corner. Corporations know that in order to motivate their employees they must hold something in front of them to keep them working. The problem with the “carrot” is only 1 percent of employees get the “carrot” and it is usually somebody over you.

2. Working at home is cheaper than working at an office: Years ago, when I worked for corporations my monthly gasoline expense was four times what it is today. Transportation costs coupled with buying lunch every day from a restaurant is a large expense. If you start working from home you will notice right away that your expenses lower. Do not work to drive yourself to work and eat while you are at work.

3. Working from home you are your own boss: Most people do not like having a boss, I know don’t.

4. Your home office is much more comfortable then your cubicle or office: People working from home are working in their pajamas or shorts. I love not having to wear a shirt and wearing my comfortable pants and slippers while I work.

5. If your work is done on-line, you can work from most anywhere: My associates and I work online and love to see the world. Over the last year one of my associates has been able to live in the U.S.A., Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina. As long as he has access to the Internet he can work. How nice would it be to travel the world with your family and still be able to work?

6. You get paid 24/7 for your work: The Internet never sleeps. Imagine getting paid while you sleep.

7. Working Online allows you to make your own schedule: Do you like to ski, surf, play tennis, golf, hike, fish etc.? Most 8-5 jobs take up your whole day and do not allow you to spend the warmest parts of the day outside. For me there was nothing more depressing then walking into work right after the sun rises and then leaving work after the sun sets. Working for yourself at home allows you to do what you love during the day.

7. Bang for your buck: This is really important to understand. Once you learn to work online from home, you will find that you have to spend less and less time working to make money. You will be able to make the same as you did working 40 hours a week by only working 15-20 hours a week. Your time is worth more then your 8-5 job is paying you.

Now more then ever it is important to take a look at working from your home. The online world is growing exponentially and every day it is easier to work from home. Step back and observe your corporate job, it might be time to leave it.

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