Discovering Colored Contacts

By: John S. Lugo

Selecting the appropriate color of your contacts color depends on various factors like hair color and skin tone. It also depends on the look that you want to achieve. When you want to modify your looks moderately, it is possible to pick out an augmentation tint that accentuates the borders of your iris and expands the natural color. You can also choose the green or gray varieties for natural enhancement. If you seek a spectacular new look that everyone will see right away, there is a combination of red and blue tinge or something such as light brown.

Majority of colored contact lenses copy the natural look of the eye’s colored part or iris. This is the part which is composed of colorful shapes and lines. Some color contacts highlight a string of miniature colored dots, lines and shapes so the lenses will look more natural on the eye. Fashion-conscious individual usually opt for colored contact lenses. These enable you to change the color of your eyes. It can be a lighter shade or something vivid. It is up to you to choose the color or design that will fit into your preferences. There are Prescription and Plano color contacts that you can choose from. The first category is for correcting the three types of eye defects and color replacement. The second is intended only to change the color of your eyes but does not have the capacity to remedy vision problems.

Contact lens prescription is required so you can buy colored contacts legally in the country. This also applies to Plano color lenses which are worn for beauty purposes only. The Food and Drug Administration considers all kinds of contact lenses as medical devices. The law is that all contact lenses entail a legitimate prescription dispensed by a qualified eye care professional. This device cannot be sold to consumers without said prescription.

Cheap prescription contact lenses are available in three tinted forms:
The first is visibility tint which is a light blue or green tint added to the lens. These tints are quite pale and do not affect the color of your eyes. The enhancement tint is a solid but transparent tint which is a bit darker than the visibility tone. These tints are ideal for people with light-colored eyes who prefer a more intense shade. The opaque tint is non-transparent tint and can totally change your eye color. This is perfect for individuals with dark eyes.

However, before choosing colored lenses, take note there will be cases such as when you blink that the colored part may glide towards the pupil. This will create a less natural appearance especially if you sport opaque color contacts. The size of your pupil changes constantly to accommodate varying light conditions. Your vision may be affected slightly if this takes place. All colored contact lenses are safe provided these are properly prescribed, used and maintained. It is just necessary that you see the eye care professional for correct fitting procedures. This will guarantee that your contacts look natural on your eye. Color contacts are not harmful to your eyes for as long as you follow your ECP’s guidelines on how long you can wear and your contacts must be changed.

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