Discover the effortless secret that will help you conquer your flying fear.

By: kenneth woodall

Wouldn't it be great if you could conquer your flying fear once and for all?

You know the feeling all too well...

Your heart starts beating faster in your chest.
The ill feeling slowly builds in your body.
The parchedness in your mouth is overwhelming.
You experience your hands become damp and clammy.

Haven't you been suffering for way too long? Well this doesn't have to be the case any more...

You CAN conquer your fear of flying!

I remember vividly when our boss made the big announcement. We were all leaving on an upcoming excursion to Hawaii to meet up with a collection of would-be customers. Wow, Hawaii! Even as the rest of our team shared their excitement with each other, all I could do was look for a chair. I had to sit down. I was experiencing my usual angst around my fear of flying. I never ended up leaving to Hawaii, I just couldn't go through with it...

What I did do, was make a decision. I made a decision that no matter what, I would unearth a way to overcome my fear of flying!

And the good news is: I did!

After a long period of leaving to therapy sessions, taking medications which didn't work, and taking the alternative routes, I had finally managed to overcome my fear of flying. In fact, I just came back from a wonderful excursion to Paris with my beautiful wife. The fear was simply gone!

This is a effortless exercise that really helped me in overcoming my feelings of anxiety and tension.
It's called:

Abdominal Breathing.

When our anxiety and stress levels raise, our breathing changes to shallow, chest level breathing. Unfortunately, breathing this way tends to add to your worry, and even causes us to feel like we are trapped.
Abdominal inhalation, on the other hand, fills our body with a sense of tranquility and calmness. By activating our body's parasympathetic nervous system, it sends a 'wellness' massage to the rest of the body.

The next time you start feeling angst and tension build up in your body, try taking several long, deep breaths.This really works, so please give it a try!

Here is an outstanding free resource that will help you triumph over your fear of flying.

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I've created a great resource for assisting you Overcome The Fear Of Flying. It has tips, tricks, and techniques which will significantly help take the edge off your fear. These are some of the methods I have tried on my own journey to Overcome The Fear Of Flying. Good luck. - Kenneth

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