Discover the Roles of a Bookkeeper

By: Vikram Kuamr

Bookkeepers are very important part of the business and they do basic accounting services, so when you look for regnskapskontor Trondheim you will be able to engage with people who are well verse in doing accounting services and bookkeeping jobs. Most of the staffs graduated economics and accounting from reputable schools. Their employees lay the ground for tax records in an accurate manner. They can also provide you with essential information that will enable your businesses to comprehend the cause and the effects of their actions. In this article, you will learn some of the duties of a bookkeeper and an auditor as well.
1. Record of daybook
The daybook contains the receipts, the payments, the sale and the purchases of the company and it is the main responsibility of the bookkeeper to record all of these in the general ledger. The function of the record is to support the business in the aspects of accounting and the records will show the dates of the transactions. The daybook should keep the recorded receipts from the suppliers and purchases and the ledger from the customers along with the general ledger.
2. Organization
Organizing the records and keeping them in order is a part of the day to day task of a bookkeeper. These records should be detailed and they must be highly organized. The files must be retrievable even when saved over a long period of time. The decisions span from inventory, company purchases and salary decisions as well. These can all affect the financial aspect of a company, the long term stability and the wellness of the employer and the employees as well.
3. Accountability & morals
Bookkeepers should operate with high sense of integrity that will enable them to set aside their egos first and then repair the mistakes if there is some in the company right away. They should take responsibility and they must show eagerness to the operation and the company must be able to see some sense of accuracy as much as possible. Bookkeepers are of greater help to the whole company and in the community as well.
4. Preparation of trial balance
When you put the skills mentioned above into action, the bookkeeper can do his/her job perfectly and prevent all the mistakes by keeping up to date the books, so that mistakes can be prevented or they can be corrected. Trial balance is a part of it wherein the bookkeeper is responsible with as well. He/she will prepare the books and make sure that there are no errors in the ledger accounts and if there are some they can be identified right away and they can be repaired too.

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