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By: Sue McLaughlin

Regardless what business, program, etc. a person is involved with, learning "How to Market Online" is a critical skill that needs to be mastered. It is also the biggest missing link in training across the internet.

In fact, marketing is often defined in training programs as the banners, emails, websites... the tools used in getting the message across. Pretty much every program, affiliate program and company on the Internet provides these tools. However, they rarely teach the one critical component i.e. getting people to view these items. Unfortunately, this is the most critical part of the process and not understanding how to go about marketing is the main reason that most people coming online to make some money fail. Often with the money spent on programs, manuals, tools etc. most people just spend instead of make money on the Internet.

For some reason, probably because it is more difficult to teach, this is a fact that is left out most of the time. However, to be successful and make money, it is critical to master these skills. There is plenty of information to be had about how to do this. In fact, most marketers in the "Internet Marketing" arena have products that address this very skill. For most people who just want a simple path to make money though, the amount of information is overwhelming.

In fact, this mountain of information can be paralyzing in itself. Information overload often creates the exact opposite effect from what is desired.... total lack of activity. I recently found this out while doing an investigative search for all the new information on marketing on the Internet. I finally had to quit getting more because I was getting buried and it was getting repetitive. I guess the final straw was when I purchased an ebook that included a chapter devoted to rehashing another product that I had recently purchased.

Enough is enough! How is a new person or even a veteran like myself, trying to update skills, to sort through the mess?

Learning how to market online can be done by anyone, regardless of budget or knowledge base. There are methods that can be used at any level. It is helpful to have training in multiple ways - video, audio and written because we all learn differently.

The Internet is changing rapidly - just like the world around us. Therefore, the methods that work today may not be as successful tomorrow. Training material must keep up with the changes and be updated frequently. Unfortunately, much of the information that is being sold on the Internet is old and really won't work like it used to. The new marketer can waste a lot of time and money finding this out the hard way. And, even veterans need to update their techniques from time to time.

So, what is the solution?

Find a "How to Market Online" program that works for everyone and everything. That teaches all methods... new and traditional. That works for all programs or products. That is updated regularly so that it stays current. That is created by someone "in the trenches"... who has done it before and is still doing it. Finally, a program that answers your questions and shows you how so you can "Just do it"!

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Before you spend a fortune on products, let Sue (a professional Internet Marketer with experience both online and offline) show you a program that will teach you ... How to Market Online for any product or program. You can also visit Sue's blog at Plugin4Profit

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