Discover the Many Advantages of Cork Flooring

By: Cesar Muler

Whether you are representing a commercial space or you are a property owner in search for innovative and long lasting floor coverings you should learn more about the various advantages brought to you by cork flooring manufacturers.

Cork flooring can be an ideal solution for high traffic industrial spaces, such as hospitals, libraries, workout spaces, pubs, etc., but also for home interiors. This type of floor cover has become very popular over the last years because of its numerous advantages.

A cork floor is considered one of the most eco-friendly coverings. Because there is a high demand on the market for cork flooring, this has become a highly regulated business. You may not be aware of it, but governmental rules and regulations require that a tree must be over 25 years old before manufacturing procedures. During this process the bark from the cork tree is used, so the tree isnít negatively impacted by harvesting, leaving it time to grow a new one instead. As the global warming becomes a more threatening aspect each year, itís a great idea to embrace eco-friendly solutions.

Another important advantage when opting for cork flooring is its durability. Most cork floor traders can provide long term warrantees for their clients, as they state you can rely on its good condition for around 25 years. Besides, cork flooring also benefits users with easy maintenance features. Pending on the protecting surface you opt for, there are special solutions you can make use of when cleaning it. One of the main components that enables cork flooring have a long lifespan is the waxy substance called suberin. This special substance makes cork flooring be very resistant to fluids.

If you live in an area that is exposed to low temperatures during cold seasons, a cork floor is one of the best options you have for ensuring a comfortable and warm surface under your feet. You can forget about using carpets and mats, which demand constant maintenance. A cork floor usually contains cellular structures or air pockets that trap the warmth.

If there are members in your family who suffer from allergies, especially dust or bacteria that are absorbed by your carpets, itís recommendable to replace carpets with cork flooring. Cork floors are also recommended for their impact resistant features. Due to its air pockets, a cork floor can behave like an excellent cushioning. Therefore, your children or elder dear ones benefit from a certain level of protection, in case they fall on a cork floor.

One major reason for cork flooring popularity is that you can opt for a large range of shades and patterns. You can find golden shades of yellow or darker nutty brown colors for your cork floors. So, if you want to decorate your home interiors with great style you can have a look at the latest designs and choose the one that inspires you the most. Therefore, go online and find a reliable cork floor business to close safe and profitable deals with.

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