Discover the 17 Ways You Can Get Free Traffic to Your Web Site

By: Nick Hurd

Youíre going to find 17 different ways that you can use to get free traffic to your web site. All of these are free and some of them have options that may cost a couple of dollars. That doesnít mean that they donít require any work on your part.

First way - Link Exchanges

A reciprocal link exchange, or link exchange for short, is a great way to increase traffic to your website. In essence, itís the exchanging of links of other websites; you link another site to yours; the website owner of that site links your site to his / her site. Itís an equal exchange; one link for one link. Results are that some search engines like Google list sites that have more and better links higher in their rankings. In short, when people search for your keywords, theyíll find your site listed near the top of the list with the more quality links you have to spider.

How to Exchange Links

You can exchange links any number of ways. However, before beginning to swap links, note that instead of focusing on mass links, though, itís better to focus on good ones or sites with good rank in the search engines. For example, itís better to be linked to one top site than 200 unethical, spamming, porn sites. You rank higher in the search engines plus receive better traffic to your website.

Instead, exchange links with other sites using links with different text pointing to sub directories e.g. if site is about gardening and one directory is flowers and another is trees, get links to flowers with the appropriate text about flowers and links to trees with appropriate text about trees.

An easy way to begin is to reach out and email webmasters of sites that youíd like linked up with. Maybe you already have some ideas like sites that are in your industry, but not in competition with you; association sites, complimentary service sites, affiliate sites, etc.

You can also find software to help locate sites for linking, then create, send and track your emails. Search these terms for help finding software, "reciprocal links software automate link exchange" or "link exchange software reviews."

There are also third party services that help with link exchange programs. For example, one at: can link your site up with about 400 directories, alternating up to five different profiles with your link included in them. This isnít free, but it will sure speed up the submission process.

Visit forums or discussion boards to learn more, too, and to find recommended software and other third party programs, link partners and more. An example can be found at: .

Learn more and locate link partners. Line up great links for your site and start getting more traffic your way at no extra charge!

Second way - Get Traffic with Press Releases

An excellent way to get more visitors to your website is by to write press releases and submit them to press release sites. Here are press release tips to help with creating your own releases. And then weíll take a look at some free sites out there where you can distribute them at no cost.

Press Release Tips

Keep in mind that a press release is a "newsworthy" announcement. It is not an advertorial or sales letter. A press release needs to be of interest to journalists and other media representatives.

A press release itself follows a general format so that publishing media worldwide in all industries can handle the information quickly and efficiently. Main elements in this general format include:

1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Write these words in the top left-hand margin of your document, capitalizing each letter.

2. Underneath the phrase above, write out your contact Information. List the name of the person to contact for more information on the release and include a phone number and email address for media to reach you in a hurry.

3. Grabbing Headline - Study popular headlines in your own media on hand (newspapers,, etc.) Then write your own compelling headline to attract readers.

4. City, State - Begin your first paragraph by listing your press releaseís point of origin to the left margin.

5. Cut to the chase - Make your lead paragraph lead and not put people to sleep. Introduce all key points here: the five W's (who, what, when, where, why). Donít make editors wonder what your piece is about. Theyíre busy. Cut to the chase right off.

6. Develop Content - Use the remaining part of your release to fully develop your subject of focus. Have someone read it and proofread it for errors and missing info.

7. Summary / Contact / Offer - Power-pack your last paragraphs with solid reader information. Include a statement like, "For more information, contact...." And list at least a URL and phone number for readers who want more info. When possible, offer them something free, too: a free report, free ebook with tips, etc.

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Discover the rest of the 17 ways and get a list of over two dozen free press release distribution sites visit free traffic to your web site. Nick Hurd is the developer of eCOMpal a shopping cart on steroids that can be set up in minutes. eCOMpal offers numerous options to track your advertising, improve your sales and fulfill your orders.

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