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"Discover The Hidden Secret To
Banking $52,591 In 48 Hours
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No matter what stage you're at 'trying' to make money online ... grass-root, beginner, intermediate or advance ... throw away ALL those courses, manuals, CDs and seminar DVDs you've bought over the years and read very carefully. I can't help you if you want the latest SEO, Adwords, Blogging, Social Networking (or any of the above) so-called killer techniques.

But what I can do for you today is ... reveal ONE SYSTEM in 'absolute' detail, ... that when applied correctly from start to finish EXACTLY in the order it's compiled ... you will get instant 'Traffic AND Cash' Explosion practically overnight!

Once you turn your website on with THIS system ... the traffic will not only be 'super' targeted, it will cause your hosting company to bring in more severs to support you PLUS you will pump so much 'real' cash into your account like you've never witnessed EVERY before!

If you're up to your eye balls with all those false promises made by those gurus, super-affiliates and hot-shot internet marketers ... then just imagine the look on your face when you WATCH money roll into YOUR account right before your eyes AFTER applying eSlumdog. Play The Video Below For RAW Proof!!

So ... are you ready for server-blowing, targeted, FREE traffic that brings in an endless supply of cash-paying customers the way I DO?

From the virtual Desk of Latif
Location: Back From Miami ... Now In Dubai (Burj Al Arab)

Seriously Frustrated Internet Entreprenuer...

I know what you're thinking ... 'back from Miami and now in Dubai AND I'm calling you frustrated?'

Well let me be frank with you ... to work online... all you need is an internet connection, either a laptop or PC and you're IN business. So I don't really need to be at home all the time working every single day as my businesses revolves around me and not the other way round. I have a life now. The SAME 'stress-life' you will achieve after you qualify as an eSlumdog!

And why am I calling you frustrated? Well ... all those lists you've subscribed to over the years ... all the yada yada you've been listening to from your BEST'est gurus, super-affiliates and hot-shot internet marketers ... has it DONE you any good ... result wise? And how long has it been since you subscribed to their newsletter?

So no matter what stage you are at with your so called search for internet riches, full time or part time; whether you're an absolute beginner or have 50 niche websites running all at the same time ... you need to read every word on this page. Because today I'm going to reveal ONE 'SYSTEM' that will literally vanish ALL the 'traffic & cash' problems you are still encountering to this very day.

I'm going to reveal a 'detailed' step-by-step systematic solution, that will bring YOU a LOT of FREE TRAFFIC and a LOT of SALES too. I will take you from the position you are at right now to a level where you once thought was a dream.

I'm 100% certain that once you apply this SYSTEM there will be no turning back to the 'slums'.

26 Year Old eSlumdog 'Student' Pulls In $14,654.91 In Less Than 7 DAYS

Not only you, but everyone is aware that SERIOUS cash IS made on the internet. Regardless of your background or experience all you NEED is the right 'system' to make it happen!

The gurus that send you emails every week aren't your friends, you should know that by now, you're just another customer. If they really were your friend then why is 'James' replying from customer support and NOT them ... ?

If their systems really works then why hasn't YOUR bank balance improved since you started listening to them? Why hasn't your lifestyle changed for the better? Why aren't you driving those 'creamy red' sports cars? Why don't you have a house on the beach front? Why.. ?

Are they really giving you the 'keys' to their kingdom or are they just dangling a carrot in front of your face till you grow old, weak and penniless?

It's time to level with them using a 'system' that is set to change the online game forever.

How To Make An Absurd Amount Of
'Real' Cash Online From Unstoppable FREE Targeted Traffic...

That wasn't a misprint as I have over 19,000 raving clients across the WORLD, from the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Middle East, China you name it.

When it comes to exploding traffic and making a lot of money ... you have 2 options, you can either BUY it or you can get it FREE! Which would you prefer? ... the FREE option ... right?


Dude, what you teach in your new Slumdog eMillionaire course is DEAD on bro...

Check out what I recently did in JUST one week:

And the best part? I didn't pay for a single custumer! And, even better yet, I didn't use SEO, PPC, Blogging, Pop ups, Pop Exits, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, or Web 2.0 stuff.

What's great about the 15 modules is that anyone, from ANY kind of background can do this. Hell, even I, after marketing online for over 8 years, have learned a few new tasty tricks I'm going to use every time in the future!

This is by far one of the best products I've seen this year and it's going to be damn tough for someone to beat it, that's fro sure bro.

All the best man,

Jason Gazaway

Since October 2007 I have been bombarded by every 'virtual' person on the internet, not just from internet marketing crowd but also from every other possible niche, skilled from newbies, intermediates, advanced, gurus to multi-national companies.

How do you get A LOT of free traffic?

... as WITHOUT traffic you are NOT going to make a single red dime!

I don't pay for ANY of my traffic and neither will you after you apply this 'revolutionized' system. Remember ... you're NOT alone ... I've trained over 19,000 'ordinary' people with my systems and now it's your turn.

Before October 2007 ... NOBODY knew me. I was 'underground!' I put together my first system for the world to see how easy it IS to make money online without spending a dime on advertising. Within 3 days I had over 2,600,000 million pages on Google mentioning my name ... in ONLY 3 DAYS!!! And that's just from ONE web source.

There was NO so called product launch ... I put the product together myself, made a few videos and released it. I didn't know a single internet marketer or guru at the time so there were NO JV partners to help promote it to the masses. However I created such an 'awe' all over the internet that I made friends with people across the globe overnight, including the BIG named gurus.

I revealed my 'ACTUAL' blueprint on how to bring in a planet load of visitors for free... I didn't leave anything OUT! I put everything into this sytem as that was the whole point. Why should I give you a puzzle to solve? I wanted to give you a system, EXACTLY the way I was using it.

I have been to these HIGH ticket seminars, I have rubbed shoulders with high profile marketing gurus ... hell, I've even been on holidays with these guys AND I have different (non-internet marketing) businesses running with them too. But there's not ONE thing they could tell me that I didn't already know!

My Inner Circle...

Yes I do have one of these too but this is seriously different. It takes place every Wednesday of the week (unless obviously I'm out of the country, which is quite often). Internet marketers across the world come to this inner circle and that isn't a joke! That's the power I have in the systems I create.

Hey Latif

You've really hit the nail on the head with your revolutionary free traffic methods.

I've been testing them out to a couple of my niche sites over the last few days and have seen a massive increase of qualified visitors flocking to my sites.

Anyone thats tired of direct linking PPC should really check these out as they'd save a fortune. MORE sales + LESS costs = MORE PROFIT really is a no brainer to use these.

Awesome system and keep up the good work.

Matt Benwell

We didn't come online to build communities around these gurus ... we didn't come to buzz, we didn't come to socialize ... we came online because we want to make a LOT of mney. That's why we come online ... right?

We've hear stories about people getting rich online so we DO know there is wealth online!

We're not interested in 'chump' change (like we don't already have enough of that...). What we want is that 'simple', just that complete simple system that fills our bank accounts for a change and not just theirs.

I seriously feel you for, as my slum days are way behind me now. I don't listen or even buy what's being sold to me by these 'Dawgs'. I just ignore the hype and carry on with my systems as they work day and night, in any market or niche!?

So what you need is a step-by-step 'system' that works!

Why should you get your life in such a 'twist' every other day? I gotta buy this ... gotta be an early bird on this one or the bonus goes ... now I gotta have this ... can't live without that one!?


What you need is a system that doesn't require endless working hours sitting in front of the computer screen.

Now here's the problem I've encountered online and I see this happening every single day. People WANT to make money online ... they WANT to be financially secure ... they want the best house in the neighbourhood ... 1st Class tickets to exotic locations around the world and much more... but there's a problem.

This is what happens...

They get going on their newly found path for riches then somehow fall off half-way through, if not sooner!! Think about it ... how many times have you wanted to do something ... started it then after a while just left it??

How committed were you when you joined the gym? Excited, enthusiastic, energetic, motivated the works ... right? So what happened? Why did you STOP attending?

So unless that urge isn't a live or die moment then we return BACK to square ONE. Right?

That's why you're not secure ... that's ONE of the main reasons you are NOT making substantial amounts of money OFF the internet. You jump on one gurus product, then a super-affiliates then an internet marketers.

By the time you get halfway through ... you fall for the next promise to riches from another guru and unconsciously you'll keep doing that for years to come. How many times have you done that lately?

You notice a product, buy it, attempted it, then notice another one, buy it, attempt it then another one and the cycle continues. (Man it feels good to get this off my chest ... I don't know if I'm hitting it home with you ... but I used to do EXACTLY that until...)

I stopped the cycle ... and guess what happened??

I Became Rich Practically Overnight!!

Absurd I know ... anyway I don't know about you or the gurus but I actually enjoy helping people out. I love the aftermath ... when my customers come to me and say ... Thanks Latif; Awesome product; That was brilliant or just simply say 'Hi Latif'

I've met my customers in person who have bought my product and have quoted 'That is SUCH a great system' ... 'I applied it and check out my results' ... 'I'm so happy I found your product' ... 'Your product is so superior to crap out there ... I'm blessed'

So why do I love this? Well these people I've never met, spoke or seen before in my entire life are saying nice things about me.

How would you feel if someone, out of the blue; off the street; at an event; in the mall came up to you and said the above to you?

I'm making a difference to people lives and that's MY systems talking for me as I create systems that work. So if say I know the 'abracadabra' to getting free traffic to any website in any industry then you better believe it.

So after years online ... now I can make you a lot of money from unlimited traffic 'dens' WITHOUT SEO, PPC, Blogging, media buys, CPA networks, co-registration, banner buys, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking and email marketing! All ...

100% Legal ... 100% FREE ... 100% Targeted

A system where you don't need to learn the ever-changing rules to SEO, Adwords, Blogging, Pop ups, Pop Exits, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration blah blah blah ...

A system that generate server-blowing, targeted, FREE traffic with an endless supply of cash-paying customers?

If you DID ... then you really wouldn't be reading this page, you'd be busy making THAT money ... right??

Okay ... let me really break it down for you...


We are only trying to make things complicated for ourselves. We THINK we need to be more intelligent than the average to be able to make money online. This is NOT true. We TAKE simple things and MAKE them complicated ourselves as simplicity is NOT the answer we are looking for because it seems too good to be true. The fact is ... it is too good to be true!

I'm not going to tell you to push a button and watch the money pour in. NO! This method requires 'some' work as everyone is doing something to make that money. It's not hard if you know how. There's one thing I can tell you for sure ... if you can turn this computer screen on then I welcome you personally to the world of 6 & 7 figures!

Before I knew Latif I was an Adwords junky, not only paying for traffic but also buying up every Adwords course to hit the market, but now 90% of my traffic is 100% free!

His methods have worked for me so I can't see why they won't work for you to. I mean who doesn't want hordes of laser targeted visitors flocking to their websites for free?

Dave G

You see ... over the years I’ve seen some amazing stuff … you can imagine how many products I get sent for review… ‘Latif … what do you think of this?’ ‘Do you like this Latif?’

My first question is … ‘Does it work? If it does then prove it to me!’

So for the last 18 months I got to ‘SEE’ everything … what WORKED and what DIDN’T!

And when I got to see and try all these different techniques (it HAD to be FREE traffic though) I notice plenty of FLAWS. Mainly being the essential element taken out that brings in the cash and the traffic. Not ONE system was complete.

So why is that we feel there is something missing they're (gurus) not telling us once we finish reading?

Do we WANT to be poor? Do you think we enjoy wasting our 'precious' time looking for yet again the next 'traffic' puzzle?

We want answers AND we want them STEP by STEP.

We want to know HOW to do it exactly step-by-step from start to finish, leaving no stoned unturned
We want to know exactly what techniques are used to make the 7 figures they keep boasting about
We want the EXACT details ... details ... DETAILS!

Does this sound familiar...? So you can imagine how 'pissed' (sorry for being blunt) off I was when I was looking back then and didn't know the answer to the question you are still trying to answer today?

In my Research and Development department I ripped everyone’s product apart as that’s how I create my ‘Ultimate’ Systems. Even if I have to study 5 or 1,000 different courses … I will do that!

The 'System' which you’re about to get immediate access to wasn’t done last night … I documented a strategic and systematic approach to getting so much traffic to any website in any niche or market over an ‘18 month’ period.

A timescale I’m sure you don’t have right now. So in the first instance I’ll be saving you from buying over 100's of manuals costing on average $87 ($87,000), some courses even cost $2,000 (yikes) and I'll also save you just under 550 days of aggravation.

So I’m not going to say trust me IF this is the first time you’ve heard my name (Latif), instead carry on reading and decide for yourself if MY System is THE answer to getting server-blowing, targeted, FREE traffic with an endless supply of paying customers WITHOUT paying for it!

Above ALL ... it's:

100% Legal!
100% Free!
100% Targeted!

That's a BOLD claim ... right?

Not ONLY have I done this ... so have hundreds of others who went on to make 5, 6 and 7 figures. Notice I said hundreds ... not thousands or hundreds of thousands!

That's why we're the small 1% of people who make the majority of the wealth online. Why? Because we know exactly what to do...

And from personal experience ... if they continue this momentum the way it is ... they will NEVER in their entire life be financially insecure ever again! And that is a FACT!

Not only that ... the top 1% of the internet elite money makers online would agree with me 100%! We started as SLUMDOGS!!!

We Were Slumdogs ...

We didn't have the luxury, the cars, the real estates, the holidays or the CASH when we first started. Some of us even started from a caravan site ... we were in the real DUMP so you're lucky ... you have a roof over your head!

For us ... it was live or die ... we made a choice. A decision. That decision we acted on day and night. We worked our butts off to get where we are today.

You guys are lucky .. we didn't have the full use of the internet like you do. We sometimes had difficulty getting connected on 'dial-up'. And after years in the slums we came out as shining stars!

Why? Because we ... the 1% know, how EASILY a slumdog can do what WE DO on the internet every day of the year and many market and niches. It doesn't matter which market you're in ... it can be done ... actually it IS BEING DONE as you're reading this!!

Trust me ... I was a Slumdog too but now ... I'm still ONE guy ... now with several personal assistants, work from home, rent an office for fun that I use 3 to 4 times a year and have several 6 to 7 figure business running right now as you read this! You must be thinking ...


Well if I'm a nutcase then 'Welcome to the Internet ... '

The Internet as you're probably aware has created so many millionaires in the last decade ... is in one word ... UNBELIEVABLE!! You agree with me right? Plus it's a fact published everywhere online and offline. But why do I care?

Because I'm one of t-h-e-m.

This internet has made me a millionaire. I didn't have the slightest clue when I started but I MADE IT! I made that 'final' decision and went on to make my millions.

And so is every internet marketer, super-affiliate and guru whose names you've come across online. However there's one slight problem ... when are you ever going to figure out exactly how it's so easily ACHIEVED!??

Some Bad News...

And now I'm going to give you some BAD news:

Web 2.0 SUCKS; SEO SUCKS; Adwords SUCKS ... actually all the following suck...

Pop ups, Pop Exits, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, Social Networking, eMail Drops and Media Buys

You see NONE of these are consistent!

Search engines are making it more and more difficult to get high, ever lasting rankings. SEO seems to be getting really scientific. A 'dude' comes along and takes over your position in a day. Then another 'dude' comes along and takes his position, then another then another.

Adwords? WHEN for once will Google STOP changing it's 'Quality Score'?

Web 2.0? Interesting ... right? You decide IF you want to be a socialist or a money machine!

Back in the days everything was serious child's play. You could gobble up all the customers ALL by yourself! But none of this is happening today!?

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Latif and I'm the FREE Click Formula guy. My hobby which since then has turned into passion and that is to get unlimited traffic to my websites without paying for it. Trust me ... that's my job!

No matter what business you're in, what product or service you are trying to sell ... I CAN SELL it for you in container loads. Even if it's in the most vicious and competitive markets like weight loss or forex trading ... I can make you a LOT of money practically overnight. I didn't say literally ... I said PRACTICALLY!!

And this traffic is soooo targeted ... it will make you a TON of money with the Madison Square Garden FULL of paying customers AND you won't have to pay a single penny to get them in.

I was underground for several years before I was hassled to come and share my systems that makes me a killing online MOSTLY on 'autopilot' using nothing but FREE traffic.

That's right I don't pay for a single visitor, they're free AND they come from every corner of the globe. So my original mistake was ... I should have STAYED underground and out of the limelight! I now feel an absolute 'IDIOT' to come out...

I'm sure you watched the 1st video above as numbers DON'T lie. Have a look above ... can you see how FAST I can get orders coming through in a minute?? 2 orders, 3 orders, 4 orders and even as much as 5 orders a MINUTE. How many can you get in a minute??

Now IF you think the above was a FLUKE then look at the orders coming in after 19 hours! I'm still getting 3, 4, 5 orders every 60 seconds. I create 'systems' that work to the absolute detail so that they work consistently...

I'll reveal the exact step-by-step system in a minute. But first let me share something with you ... I'm not a genius nor do I come from a rich mathematical background or even had any form of special SAS training.

I'm the average guy you'll talk to and wouldn't think much off. So I'll share something with you so you can feel the same frustration I had that's holding YOU back today.

Are You Proud Of YOUR Past?

Actually to be frank ... I hate my history which was 'full' of financial problems ... but when I speak to people today who are trying to get an avalanche of FREE traffic or trying to at least make their first dollar online...

I can see the frustration in their eyes. I can feel the worn out frown on their fake smile. I can sense the question they 'really' want to know the answer to. I can figure out they desperately want to get out of debt BUT instead they resist and talk about the weather instead. Sounds familar?

Did you get rejected or you just didn't have the heart to ask the 'real' question?

It's sad and it's true for me too ... as even I WAS in your shoes, working 18+ hour days, glued to the desk but that was when I had a desktop computer. After I bought a laptop I'll take it into bed for more FREE traffic investigations. I know I was onto something eventually but didn't know exactly 'what!' Sound familiar?

I fantasized all the time about being rich, having no money worries, having my own businesses and making millions every year. But in everyone elses eyes ... I was a complete idiot for even thinking like that! Everyone still seems to think the internet will go away. Well has it ... ?

You see my parents wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, someone of such extreme calibre that people would say... 'wow, you're a lawyer!' They wanted me to be a known figure amongst the community and above all very INTELLIGENT.

But you tell me ... 'how many 'intelligent' people do you know that are rich?' I said 'intelligent' NOT 'smart', as there's a BIG difference!

A lawyer wasn't what I wanted to be ... firstly I hate to remember things that are of no interest to me. Neither was I looking forward to spending 5 years of my life in intensive legal training!

Instead I did better ... I entered the aggressive insurance market online and broke the record from my bedroom and on my OWN. I employ 'countless' lawyers and have a 12 months waiting list for others who want to be employed ... and that's just one internet business of mine. At least my parents are happy with one thing now.

'Where's you going son?' ... 'Erm I've got a meeting with my lawyers' ... ' Good boy ... keep up the good work.' I think I should now tell them I'm not a lawyer but I employ them instead.

Rise of a Slumdog

I didn’t start from my bedroom or kitchen table like many ‘claim’ they do … I wasn’t paying rent, gas, electric, water rates or any bills. WHY?

I was living at my parents (I used one of the bedrooms there)!

It all started at my parents … I’ll be busy buying how to get a lot of traffic material and how to make easy money online all the time. I paid for them out of my OWN pocket … so my parents took care of my nuturing. They didn’t hate me or look down at me thinking I was a ‘useless’ son. They had faith in me as I followed the moto written on my wall: A Quitter Never Wins and A Winner Never Quits! These words are STILL on my wall staring at me everytime I walk in.

Now let’s fast forward …

Years have passed by and NOW … my parents were GLAD they made the right decision. They believed in me. Even if I sometimes took a job offer and return home after 3 weeks … they would say ‘find another job’. But me being me … totally fanatic about making so much money online (1st priority) I would eventually try my luck at a job again some months or maybe a year later.

But today my whole world and lifestyle is different. I pay for whatever my parents want ... I didn't say need, I said WANT! Whether it's holidays, cars, clothes, luxuries you name it … I pay for it. I just paid for their holiday, return tickets with 5 STAR accommodation costing me around the $12,000 mark. That payment didn't even affect the ZERO on my balance.

So let's face it … Traffic is everything to making money online and in my case FREE traffic is everything as without it ... you won't make a dime like it did back then for me either.

Yes ... big players and gurus can talk about their 6 – 7 figure lists and who made a million last month … but the one thing that made this a reality in the first place was … TRAFFIC and lots of it.

Now For A 'Personal' Question…

Why are you online? Why are you reading this page? What is it that you are after?

The latest Adwords technique? The insider’s SEO strategy unravelled? Web 2.0 that prepares the golden egg eventually (some how)? No you’re NOT interested in any of that … what you are interested in is 2 things.

#1 - Money (and loads of it)
#2 - Traffic (and loads of that too)

Now that’s the order it comes in. We want to make a lot of money but we need to drive that traffic (visitors) to the site first … right?

We don't really want a lot of traffic, it’s what the traffic results to in the end. And that my friend is MONEY in the bank.

So IF I gave you both of those WITHOUT any complications would you go for it??

Imagine going to sleep not thinking ‘Damn, Google changed algorithms again … now I’ve gotta do this, this this and this’ Or when Google changes the Quality Score once again. You’d up all night thinking about the number of pages you have to CHANGE.

Think about it … do you go to sleep at night ‘PEACEFULLY?’ I know I didn’t!!

You wake up in the middle of the night with an absolute killer of an idea you managed to figure out … apply it then go back to bed for 3 hours and back to the daily grind.

I’ve done that too. I’ve worked 18 hour days and trust me, it’s NO FUN!! Especially when you’ve got nothing to show for it.

How many years have gone by now and STILL you have nothing ‘really’ to show for it?? 1, 2? 3 maybe 5? Don’t kid yourself.

Yet still everything you buy is another gimick based upon the same technique?? Right??

Let it be … SEO, PPC, Blogging, Pop up Traffic, Pop Exit Traffic, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, Web 2.0, Social Networking, eMail Drops and Media Buys.

I’m going to engrave all these techniques into your head so every time you see them … you'll realize my system has got nothing to do with them. BUT … I can show you a way to get them applied to your site absolutely FREE without you doing anything!

Interesting right??

Ready for some BRUTUAL truth … ?

There is MONEY in any market, niche or industry!

This is a fact, so don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise (maybe they just want it for themselves)!

You didn't stumble upon this site by chance. You were brought here ... think how you got here? Did I pay someone to get you here? NO! You are a FREE visitor on my website. I led YOU (without being present) to this website for FREE without paying anyone to do so!

You must have heard the rumours … this guy made so much money in the dog training niche, this woman killed it in the forex niche, this couple have the best converting dating product...

Notice all these are different markets and totally irrelevant to each other. So you tell me ... is there money in every single niche?

Now you could be thinking ... prove it ... IF it works?!

The Forex Challenge...

Seriously I don’t care which market you’re trying to compete in … I seriously don’t. You tell me that niche and I’ll guarantee you … I’ll show you exactly how to make at least 5 figures in the first couple of days?!?!


Take Kumar … an absolute slumdog! Never made a read dime and I only met Kumar THIS year … !

Never seen or heard of him before … he discovered me by accident crowded by people at an event. He got his turn and he asked me a simple question. PLAY the video below to hear him speak from the heart...

And these are the orders coming in for an absolute beginner. 3 orders a MINUTE!!

So What's eSlumdog About?

It's a 'COMPLETE' System With 15 MODULES!

You're NOT answering 15 random, general knowledge questions (be prepared as they get difficult after each one you get right) ... instead you complete the 'simple' english written 'Directions' in the 15 modules below. Complete them and you will NEVER be financial insecure ever AGAIN!

So the question you need to ask yourself is: Will YOU be able to follow those 'Directions For Use' instructions to become financially secure?

Will you be able to complete 15 modules that have step by step instructions?

I'll make it even simpler for you ... each module is written in basic English. It comes complete with 15 mindmaps and 15 blueprints. It has a bit of colour in there to present itself but overall I'm sure you'll be able to read and understand it if you're capable of reading this page.

You're thinking negatively already ... 'This Slumdog has only made $52,591 ... he's not a millionaire!?!?'

You're ABSOLUTELY right ... I agree with you on this one ... but does everyone who competes on the reality show (Who Want To Be A Millionaire) leaves as a millionaire?? Now do YOU agree with me on that one?

Many walk away with $100, $500, $2,000, $32,000 and sometimes even $64,000. However ONLY the smart and knowledgeable ones walk away with $125,000, $500,000 or even $1,000,000.

This Slumdog wasn't smart or knowledgeable but he DID cash $52,591 within 48 hours with more money still coming in as you read this. He learnt the 15 modules and has generated a 'healthy' 5 figure sum within 2 days of completing the course in action. Do you think he made any money on day 3? You bet he did!

Did you notice what I just said in the last paragraph ... ?

He LEARNT The 15 Modules ...

What do you think he'll be doing next??

He certainly won't be waiting in a queue for the next audition for another attempt at the reality show. Instead he'll do it again AFTER he's finally had some enjoyment from the money he just made! Those long years of sleepless nights and constant tapping on the laptop have come to a complete HALT! Who knows ... he might generate 6 figures on his SECOND attempt or even 7!

But what I do know is ... with the knowledge he extracted into his brain from those 15 modules, he WILL be financially secure for a very l-o-n-g time!

And I can BET my LIFE on that BUT only if he rinse and repeats!

So like I said I met Kumar at an event. I shouldn't really tell you this but I met him at Traffic University held my Carlos and Lupe. The King-Pins of explosive traffic, where their first coaching program was $25,000 A HEAD! I'm not kidding it was.

I didn’t speak much with Carlos but me and Lupe went into an hour long discussion as I’m always interested in free traffic techniques no matter how BIG or small the player is.

So I asked exactly what they do … they pay for their traffic using:

Pop ups, Pop Exits, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, eMail Drops and Media Buys.

So that put me off straight away and my first impression was … so you spend something between 6 – 7 figures on buying traffic??? DAMN!!

Now it was my turn obviously …

I told her my complete system … all without:

SEO, PPC, Blogging, Pop ups, Pop Exits, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, Web 2.0, Social Networking, eMail Drops and Media Buys.

And if I remember her exact words correctly … they were

'That's Smart, Very Smart … I LIKE That!'

Now you can imagine the grin on my face (haha) which obviously made her laugh too.

This conversation went on for like 15 minutes. So can you imagine how I was feeling when the KINGPINS of traffic said it was a brilliant system!?

But there's one thing I learnt from them … knowledge is NOT power. Applied knowledge is POWER! So when you download the 'System' ... APPLY IT!!

This isn’t rocket science and it works in any market, niche or industry.

Just like the program ... there are 15 modules to complete. In order to get the 3rd module you need to complete the 1st and 2nd module ... right? That's how the game works!

Once you complete ALL 15 modules as instructed on your FIRST attempt ... it will change your life forever. Trust me when I say that as I'm talking from experience. You will never ever be financially insecure again if you then simply RINSE & REPEAT!!

And how will this take? Well ... it took Kumar 8 days to complete ALL 15 modules. Some people take up to 25 days and some eager ones take 4. So it depends how quickly you want to start cashing in.

This isn't a joke! I'm living proof and I personally know a ton of other people who took these steps. That's why many of us are amongst the top 1% elite marketers.

Following these steps as instructed will shoot your Alexa ranking to a new world record. I've entered the top 10,000 websites in the world and I'm a single guy working from home.

If you know what Alexa is then you'll know what I'm talking about!

I know friends who are even eager than me have entered the top 500 websites in the WORLD. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, MSN etc...

Well this is it... it really can’t get any better than this! I’ll reveal...

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Once You Learn This System, You Will NEVER Stress About Traffic & Money Every Again! Above All ... This Has Nothing To Do With: ADWORDS, SEO, PPC, Blogging, Pop ups, Pop Exits, Articles, Link Building, Classified Ads, CPA Networks, Text Ads, Co-Registration, Banner Ads, Web 2.0, Social Networking, eMail Drops or Media Buys.

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