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By: Hege Crowton

If you have just published your first web site, or even if you have been on the web for a while you may well be wondering exactly how to get more hits on your pages. It can be very confusing and you may be unsure of where to look to get you answers.

In order to have a profitable and successful web business you must be able to promote your site in order to get traffic and make sales. There are a vast number of ways you can do this and it can be expensive.

The best ways can sometimes be the most expensive ones and thus out of reach to the small business or the web newcomer. There are however some methods which are very cost effective and even free.

Large numbers of web users and web site publishers are searching daily for all kinds of information. So the questions is, how to match these searchers with your information? Top search engine listings are not so easy to come by especially for competitive terms and so just expecting people to land on your pages will not necessarily work.

You need to get your promotional material distributed to as many places as possible and in an acceptable and useful way. I am not talking about spamming people with thousands of useless e-mails!

There now exists a very good method for doing this which is within the reach of all web publishers. This method is the writing and distribution of original articles. These articles do not have to be too long, in depth or too complicated. In fact the more simple and easy to absorb the better.

You can write an informative and original article very quickly, but then you may be wondering how to distribute this to the hungry web user or publisher? Well the answer to that is simple, there are now many excellent directories which will allow you to publish your article. These directories then allow other web publishers and surfers to read and use your content.

The great thing is that other web publishers are permitted to re-publish your content on their own site or in their newsletter. This means that due to the resource box which you include at the end of your article there will always be a link back to your site and all your personal details can be included.

So just think about this for a moment, if you write one article and 20 people republish it on their site that is 20 links back to your site and a load of extra exposure your site gets. But, to make a success of article writing you need to understand that you will need to write more than just one article.

Some people even write one article every day. After all once you get in to the swing of it you will be able to put something together in about 30-45 minutes. Just imagine how much extra publicity you would get if you published a new article every day!

As well as manually submitting your articles to the various directories there are some services available which will do the job for you. They will literally blast your content to thousands of directories and article user groups. This can give your writing massive exposure and loads of links back to you pages.

Take my advice; get writing and you will in for a huge turbo boost of traffic over the coming months!

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