Discount Televisions: Are They Still a Bargain?

By: Alex Bradbury

Does wanting a discounted TV make you a cheap-o? More like a practical bloke, actually. Although many manufacturers are cutting prices off their goods just to compete and reel in the customers, there are many consumers who prefer to squeeze in more bang for their buck. However, not everything that's (priced) this good is gold. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing and buying discount televisions:

Find out the reason why it's cheap.

When buying discounted televisions, keep mouthy chef Emeril's words in mind, "Why is it on sale? Go figure!" Remember that manufacturers and retailers don't just give you a discount on their goods just because they're in a good mood or that they've decided to do a good thing to their fellowmen. They have a well-calculated strategy for this marketing technique and you should be able to know the reason behind the low prices.

If the discount comes because the television set is 'slightly used', find out how old the unit is and how long it stayed with the previous owner. If refurbished, check which part or component got replaced or restored.

Look for a heads up online.

The Internet is a great place to find discount televisions and news about them. Other than people selling to you directly, there are also reviews and tips on how and where to find the best-priced units. Try to check out sites and forums before you shell out money to buy one.

Buy on sale.

Whether it's a clearance sale or a seasonal sale, sales are excellent occasions for finding discounted television sets, whether you're in the market for old CRTs, plasmas, HDTVs or LCDs. Sales happen for a variety of reasons. Clearance sales, for example, mean that the unit you're about to purchase is being sold at a discount because it's an older unit, hasn't been purchased after spending a while on the shelves, the retailer no longer wants to display the brand or model or the manufacturer has decided to halt the production of that model.

Whatever the reason, best check the TVs yourself to see which one offers the best in terms of picture quality, features and of course, discounted price.

Look for cheaper brands.

Some of the lesser-known brands will offer discounted televisions, usually through authorized dealers and retailers. These, you can find at electronic shops, special display areas at the mall and online sites. Discounted TVs are frequently sold with prices cut down from as low as 15% to as much as 35%. You could save as much as $200 for a single purchase.

Some brands that offer discount televisions through this route include: Samsung, LG, Daewoo, Bush and Telefunken.

There are also newer brands to hit the circuit, many of which offer their products at significantly lower prices than name brands. Better yet, you get the plasma or LCD TV you want in all its wide-screen glory for budget-friendly cost. These brands, which often stop shoppers in the aisles at stores like Costco, often sell big-screen TVs (we're talking plasma and LCDs here) at under $3,000. That's a big-screen, 50" monitor, enough to fill a good-sized room your bedroom and kitchen included.

The downside: you probably haven't heard of some of the brands before, which might make you a little nervous. However, go ahead and ogle. Once you see how these perform, you'll never look at a discounted television in the same way again.

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