Digital Wedding Photographs Are Superior

By: Kay Brown

The wedding day is probably the top memory for people to try and remember. Probably the greatest benefit of digital wedding photography is how quickly the couple and guests can see the photos. Digital photography may have replaced film but people still like to see photographs they can handle!

Most wedding photographers have assistants to help them create beautiful wedding albums that will be oh so memorable but if you yourself want to take pictures of a friend's wedding, who will help you? Here are some tips if you find yourself at a friend or relations wedding taking photos with your digital camera.

First, if you want to take a picture of the couple or any other guest, make sure that the background is good and the shot will not be too crowded. Don't worry too much if you can't get a full body shot of the couple, you can get around this by taking a head and shoulder shot of them which will also keep the photo from being to cluttered.

If there is bright sunlight or you are using flash, ask guests who are wearing glasses to remove them just for the shot or as an alternative they could turn their head slightly to the side. If there is someone in the group that you particularly want to take a photograph of but they are in a crowd then try using the zoom, it will give you a good close-up that you wouldn't achieve any other way.

Where possible, try to capture shots that look to be of an unstaged nature as these tend to look very natural when viewed later; one way to do this is to use the cameras optical zoom and catch them unawares. Allways be ready for the next digital wedding photograph because you can't ask people to repeat those unforgettable moments that everybody wants to see again and again.

Digital cameras rely on two things, memory and power and the last thing you want when you are the photographer is to run out of memory or for the batteries to die on you. As a general rule, if your camera is a 6 mega pixel resolution then you will need a large storage capacity card that will hold a few hundred shots at high resolution so a 1 gigabyte card should be the minimum. A 2 or 3 gb card would be better.

Always remember that the higher the resolution used, the larger the size of prints that can be made so always keep a secure copy of your work so you can re-use them in the future. Once you have the images it is only a matter of printing out the ones you want and saving all of them on a CD for a permanent storage or presentation.

Digital wedding photography has become a firmly established thriving industry over the last few years. You can achieve a a wonderful selection of beautiful wedding photographs, but just how successful you are will depend on how much you enjoy the challenge, and how dedicated you are to having succesfull photos.

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