Digital Video Recorders and High definition cameras; Capturing the essence of our memories.

By: Tariq Saeedi

A camera can be defined as a device that records images that can be stored directly, transmitted to another location or both. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. With the rapid advances in technology and the giant leaps in the Photography industry, losing your memories and moments is no longer an option. Since the 5th century, the pace at which technology has moved, cameras are no longer a hassle and irritating to use anymore. Seeing the magical miniature pictures that light temporarily “painted” inspired several experimenters to search for some way of automatically making highly detailed permanent copies of them.

The Photography vibe in the present day is to do with couple of things. On the one hand was the use of objects and images that could easily be produced and which served a social function; on the other hand, an interest in the way forms manifested entirely local and personal meanings: and so that they could be reproduced and serve as evidence etc. Snapshots are important in the way they can record a range of occurrences relatively easily and cheaply. They are memory triggers as well as a means of communication. Snapshots also represent the power of archive: collections of images in personal life can activate the representation of entire family histories, serving a genealogical imperative. They also record social activities and human interconnectivity, acting as a kind of proof of cultural discourse.

For the past few years science and technology have been creating imperative and significant discoveries and inventions. One of these is the Digital Video Recorder, which today has been employed in many places and is finding many new applications that will be useful to mankind in the subsequent years. Since its invention, film has been used as an effective way to reach and influence the masses. With time it has naturally evolved and adapted to function in the digital age we currently live in. Digital Video Recorders have the ability to capture an event in the same way as it happened, because they capture images at speeds of 16-25 frames per second, calculated in accordance with the persistence of vision of the human eye. This prosperity has made the video camera extremely versatile and it is finding more and more uses day by day, some of which have been explained below.

The video camera is used by the news channel to record important events and they are used to make serials and movies that entertain people all over the world. They are used to capture some joyous moments of one’s life, which are kept as mementoes and reminiscences of the past and for the future. Video cameras are also used by the Army and Air-force as surveillance cameras and by super markets and other places for security. Thus from the aforementioned facts one can clearly be certain the vital part that a video camera plays in our life.

Hence in summary; in the present day scenario, Digital Video Recorders and Cameras have gained a substantial amount of significance and it is difficult to imagine a day without this device, as it has made our life smooth and easy going. The vast applications of these devices in the present as well as in the future, will continue to serve and benefit us till the existence of our race.

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