Differentiate between Good & Bad lawyers

By: Mason James

The high demand for lawyers has resulted in a high supply of lawyers as well. But not all lawyers are worth your money. In fact, a huge percentage of lawyers are just interested in parting you from your money. The amount of people who have been duped by their lawyers is quite staggering, and you should ensure that you are not one of them.

Here’s how you can differentiate b/w bad & good criminal attorney !

Learn to Spot Unethical Practices

If you don’t have much idea about law yourself, it’s time to learn and educate yourself! Of course, you cannot be expected to learn every intricacy overnight. But you can definitely enlighten yourself when it comes to the basics of law. This would allow you to spot family law attorneys in Oregon who are unethical in their ways. The end goal of most lawyers is fairly simple; win trials for their clients. But it’s the client who may be jeopardized in the long run if the lawyer resorts to unethical practices. If you spot anything that goes against the prescribed ethics, cut your ties to the lawyer immediately.

The Bill Drill

Always be insistent to know exactly what you are paying for. Hidden charges are common affairs in the practice of law, and you should do everything possible to protect yourself from them. Reputed lawyers from trusted law firms in Oregon always provide itemized bills to their clients, as this helps in understanding the expenses for individual services. Once you have the bill, you can crosscheck with other lawyers to see if your lawyer’s charges are any more than average rates.

Is the Lawyer Unresponsive?

Any lawyer who works in his clients’ best interests is generally very responsive. Calls, e-mails, messages; your lawyer would always keep you up to date with legal proceedings. However, not all lawyers are responsive. You can be sure that your lawyer is an unreliable one if he takes a long time to respond to your queries. Of course, lawyers are generally very busy people. But if their business gets in the way of effective communication, find another lawyer for your legal requirements.

Promises, Promises

Typically, a bad lawyer is one who promises his clients too many things before the start of a trial. Many lawyers advertise themselves on television, and promise nothing but positive outcomes. These are the lawyers you would ideally want to steer clear of. A good lawyer is much more realistic, and takes your case one step at a time. Many are convinced to part with their money based on false promises. But make sure you stay wary of them.

Workplace Woes

Any reliable Oregon criminal attorney boasts of an office to go with his reputation. A disorderly office is often the first sign of an incompetent lawyer. Are there a lot of empty offices? The family law attorneys in Oregon may be having severe financial issues. Is the lawyer’s table in a complete mess? It’s best not to trust such a lawyer with important paperwork.

While a good lawyer often has high charges, you would benefit in the long run if you hire his services. Weed out the bad ones from the good with the aforementioned tips, and you would have more chances of success!

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