Different Types of Industrial Heaters

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There are hundreds of types of industrial heaters available today. Their shapes and sizes vary as per the requirement. The requirement changes with the type of industry they are to be deployed in. The requirement of heathers in a small size industry will vary very much from that of a larger manufacturing unit. Almost every industry has a need to heat their products, but the required intensity of heat vary from product to product, and accordingly vary the types of heaters. Some of the industries require them to warm up only selected area, while in some cases it might be required to keep entire work place warm to a specific temperature. Heaters usually are used as fixtures and can be fixed at a place in the industry, and are not often moved from one place to another.

Industrial heaters not only vary in terms of their shapes and sizes, but also come in the several different material; depending upon required heating capacity from them. For different metals can stand different intensity of heats, hence change the material in their manufacturing. Heaters are also often installed in factories and offices to keep the temperature of surrounding work environment to a comfortable level to help employees and workers perform better. The availability of so many sizes of heaters makes it possible to find one in required size and shape to fit in specified place. However, some manufacturers do provide customized solutions in this regard.

There are new products being introduced almost every day in this sector. However there are few common types of industrial heaters as specified below:

Corrugation Heaters – As the name suggests, these are specifically made to be used in corrugation machines to keep the papers warm. They form essential flute on the papers which makes corrugation easier. The sizes of these heaters may vary as per the sizes of machines. One can find them in different types of materials too.

Immersion heaters – These are mainly immersed in some sorts corrosive or non-corrosive liquid to heat it up to desired temperature. These are mainly required in Pharmaceutical or chemical industries. But requirement cannot be ruled out in other sectors as well.

Space heaters – These are mainly meant to warm up surrounding space. The generated heat is dispersed through various mechanisms such as radiation, conduction or convection. They can also be used in broilers or hot water heaters being used in chemical, and fertilizer industry.

This is not the end of list. There are various types of industrial heaters being manufactured today. Besides, customized industrial heaters are also very much in practice. However, the one thing that one must consider prior to buying a heater is its energy consumption. A little variation in cost between two heaters may result in high saving in the long run, in term of energy it can save. Therefore it is recommended that one explores all the possibilities of getting right heater, at competitive price. One must not ignore the online resources for the same, as there are many reputed manufacturers of Industrial heaters available online today.

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