Different Types of Human Skin Diseases and their Differentiation

By: BilalH

Human skin is blend of multiple layers and components coupled with each other performing their individual functions and protecting human from recognized and unidentified objects. There are different kinds of functions that our skin is engage with like protection from sunlight, sensing the body conditions and communicate with the brain, sweetening control and many others. Just like any other part of the body, skin is also an important organ and its disorder can generate severe results. Extreme level of skin diseases is skin cancer that can be life threatening.

What we need to do is take good care of our skin and an ideal condition is to take very much balanced diet. Deficiency of vitamins reduces the immunity as well as resistance power. Normally people also do not pay much attention towards small issues like itching and dryness. Often regular dryness becomes a big reason for dangerous skin disorders. It is also observed that people do not have much knowledge about different skin conditions and this unfamiliarity also creates big trouble.

It is very important to have basic knowledge of vital skin diseases and take preemptive measure well on time. Here are some very crucial skin conditions:


Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that is often inherited genetically. In this condition, small white patches appears on different areas mostly on sun exposure parts like face, neck, hands, elbows, knee etc. usually these patches appear as a small spot (sometimes like a dot) and gradually spread over the time. Possibly but not necessarily, the disease may cover even 90% of the body. Under this condition only skin color is changed and no other internal body structured is damaged except the cells that produce the required melanin for pigmentation process. If you see any white spot, observe it carefully for few days and donít overreact immediately. If it is not removed for couple of days and even getting enlarged, it is vitiligo.

Donít panic but act wisely and try to find some natural remedies. Going towards allopathic is an expensive option. Try Herbal Weeds Ez Vitiligo Cure that is a natural treatment of vitiligo and removes these spots within 60 days. It is an excellent product. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease at all. It does not spread from one person to another just like other infectious diseases.

This is another common skin disease that can affect to any part. It appears in the form of patches where skin becomes extra reddish capped with thick silvery scales. Patient feels extra itching, pain and stress to that area. Obviously if it is on the exposing areas, it can also cause low confidence and complex type of depression. This is another chronic condition that can reappear even after getting cured. Therefore it is very important to get a proper psoriasis treatment for vitiligo in a way that it should not reoccur.


Dry skin is a very common problem that almost every human being faces in routine life. Although in first go, it looks pretty ordinary and we do not pay much attention but itís an alarming fact that this dryness may lead to very serious skin diseases. In this condition skin is stretched, rough and becomes hard.


The role of skin is very vital and there are many skin diseases that we can face in our life. However the question is how to get rid of them and how to prepare ourselves to prevent its damages. If we can change our daily routines a little bit and control over diet plan, we can not only keep ourselves safe from skin disorders but also other diseases. Use fresh vegetables and vitamins/calories oriented fruits that will keep our body system efficient.

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