Different Types of Flooring in Miami Florida

By: Nathan Hilson

For those are considering replacing their flooring in Miami Florida, there are several options for them to pick from, including vinyl, timber, concrete, tiles, laminates, cork and glass floors. While laminate floors Florida are not natural or real wood, this kind of wood floor has several benefits. The material used to create laminate wood floor is water-resistant, which is very beneficial in Florida considering the rain, flooding, hurricanes and humidity that occur here. This kind of flooring in Miami Florida is also easy to install. Homeowners will not just spend less for the materials, but also save on the installation. Laminate flooring is also dent and scratch-resistant.
Vinyl flooring is the most common choice for people who are on a tight budget. Itís a popular and durable flooring option. Made of vinyl resigns and additives like stabilizers, plasticizers, fillers and pigments, this kind of flooring also contains some PVC, which is why itís sometimes called PVC flooring. It can be found either in tile or sheet form and one of the best things about it is that homeowners can actually create several different looks due to the many styles, textures and colors it can make. With excellent noise insulation, it is comfortable and can be repaired easily if damaged.
Timber flooring is available in several types. Floating floor, for instance, is just laid over any existing flooring. Itís made of hard or soft wood glued to the fiber board. This kind of timber flooring can be coated during the process of installation or come pre-coated. Palm wood flooring is another kind of timber flooring. It is made of coconut palm and has real wood flooring boards. No lamination is involved in installing this floor. Palm wood flooring is also a durable and stable option if a homeowner is considering getting hardwood flooring West Palm Beach Florida.
For those who want to contribute to saving the environment, then cork flooring best suits them. It is environmentally friendly and available in various designs, including a natural, patterned or country look. This flooring option is a good choice in wet and dry areas. Aside from being good to the environment, itís also hygienic. For those with allergies, this flooring is a safe option for them. Cork flooring has excellent insulation properties, so itís great to use both in summer and winter. In summer, it doesnít absorb heat and in winter, heat is bounced back.
Glass flooring is a modern type of flooring that can be used anywhere, from pathways to driveways, decks and interior floors. If itís installed outdoors, it must be customized for it to hold the carís weight. Glass flooring can also improve the light in a home, making any space much brighter.
These are just some of the most popular flooring types that homeowners have if they are considering re-flooring their home, but there are still plenty of other options for them to pick from. They just need to consider their budget and needs when picking the right flooring for their home.

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