Different Types of Digital Files for Audio Transcription Services

By: navjeet kaur

A large number of companies in the industry offer transcription services to domestic as well as international clients. If you too wish to avail a large number of services from a transcriber residing in some other country or in other state are you aware of different file format through which you can send your audio file safely and securely? This article gives an insight to different digital file formats through which you can send your audio files in a secured manner to the transcriber and get your important work transcribed without actually visiting the company.

WAV form Audio File (.wav)
One of the most common file format, .wav was the first audio file type that was developed for use with the computer. Files in this format can be send in a CD or can be directly transferred over the internet rather than emailing them. However it must be remembered that not all the file in the .wav format are the same. A large number of files may end with the .wav option and some of them may require special options to play them back.

MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)
.mp3 files are the compressed types of WAV files that are often used to record music files. However this format can sometimes also be used for digital dictation recording or in other cases, heavy WAV files can be compressed in the .mp3 format to send them safely to the transcription company. The compressed files would eventually become one twelfth the size of the original file.

Window Audio Media (.wma)
.wma format was developed so that audio files can be played in windows media player. This format can compress the files to one thirty-sixty of their original size while maintaining the sound quality. Therefore this is one of the most preferred types of format used by a large number of transcription companies as they can easily send or receive files in this format through email.

Digital Speech Standard (.dss)
.dss files help the transcribers to transcribe their files easily and at a faster speed. .dss files run on the dss player that helps the transcriptionist to have better control over the play and the rewind button making it easier to offer the transcriptions services. Olympus player would record almost all .dss files. In this format the file size is reduce to one twelfth to one twenty time and thus makes the file small and easy to transport from one location to another.

Different types of files have their own set of advantages and disadvantages therefore the next time you wish to avail transcription services, remember to choose a format that can help you to send your file easily to the transcription company without causing problems to you or the other party. Sometimes the transcription company may work with every format of digital file while at other time they may stick to a single format therefore it would be a wise decision to ask the company about the transcription software they use before sending your file to avoid unnecessary hassle. Also remember to play back the file to check whether the sound quality is good or not.

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