Different Kinds of Performance Pistons

By: Paul K James

If you like to purchase some performance pistons, you might as well read the different kinds of performance pistons so that you will know what pistons you wanted and would be suitable for your car or motorcycle. Well there are different types of performance pistons in every different car brands. For Chevy, there is this flat top with a head volume of 7cc and has a rod length of 5.7, the D-Cup which has a head volume of 22cc and has a 5.700 rod length. You can also choose a D-Cup with a head volume of 18cc and a rod length of 5.7. There is also this solid dome which has a head volume of -.5cc and 5.700 rod length. A performance piston from Chevy has this flat top piston which has a head volume of 7cc and 5.700 rod length. It depends on the engine size if what piston would fit in it. For a ford car, there is the flat top which has a head volume of 2cc and has a 5.778 rod length. There is also the flat top piston from ford with a rod length of 5.956 and a head volume of 2cc. You should use the suitable piston for your engine to avoid any damages and further accidents. If you didnít know what kind of piston you have, then it would be better to bring your car in a check from a mechanic.

There is also this kind of high compression piston that every car and motorcycle lovers would like to have but in case you did not know, this piston will absolutely work right if your car or motorcycle had been modified or stock. You can choose a custom piston with titanium valves with dish piston, dome piston, flat top piston, spherical side piston, wedge dish piston, wedge dome piston, wedge dome piston, wedge flat top piston and wedge spherical dish piston. Titanium and racing valves with high performance pistons can be used in motorcycle or car racing. A custom piston has also 4 valve spherical dish piston, 4 valve flat top piston, 4 valve dome piston and 4 valve dish piston. When you are bringing to life a decade old car or engine, the best part to put is the custom piston.

For you to be able to save money, do not buy a brand new car if you know that your old car can still work. If you donít know how to change the old parts, you can contact a mechanic near you or from a store where you wish to buy the parts if your cars like custom piston or high performance pistons. By giving your old car a chance to live, you did also give yourself a chance to save money. If you also to read some review about these high performance pistons, then you can just browse in the web to have further knowledge about it. And also, you can look into their pictures to appreciate some custom piston.

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