Dieting Your Way to Stress Relief - The Right Diet Can Make All The Difference

By: Brooke Hayles

Stress is now an inseparable part of your life. It is everywhere - in the workplace, in the home front, in social circles, everywhere. Getting stress relief is uppermost in everybody's mind. While you try out several techniques, you often fail to appreciate the importance of food in effective stress relief.

Stress Relief-Misplaced Concepts

Ironically, foods that you like most impair your stress relief systems. Stressed conditions are associated with some reduced levels of feeling-you feel irritated, anxious, depressed, demoralized and exhausted when stressed. Most often they indicate low blood sugar levels. What you think you need to boost up your morale in these situations are some livening foods-chocolate, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, coffee, fatty foods etc. But, actually, with taking of these foods, you set in a damage process within yourself that offsets real stress relief. The extra charge of sugar or caffeine induced stress hormone, cortisol or increased levels of adrenaline with gulping down a peg or two of whiskey may hike your spirits for the time. But, these are short lived. You once again revert to the reduced levels of feeling. This time you feel more let down. Instead of getting relief from your stress, you end up adding more stress.

True stress relief is seldom obtained through 'charging' foods. Instead, you get more harm. Read on:

* Coffee, Tea, beverages contain caffeine. This excites release of stress hormone, cortisol. You get temporarily worked up. But, these stress hormones cause restlessness and disturb your sleep.
* Wines, whiskey cheer you up, thanks to an extra gush of adrenaline they set in. You find yourself above everything. But, this feeling is short lived. You soon begin to settle down and this time with more uncomfortable terms.
* Your chocolates and other sugary stuff to charge your spirits end up in a short boost. Insulin release is increased. But, such insulin over activity reduces its efficiency. You become diabetic.
* Pizzas, burgers, chips and all those in the salt and saturated fat family may tickle your taste buds and lift your spirits and levels of satiation. Take care; the blood sugar fluctuations they cause may soon make you more irritated, depressed and emotional.

If you are thinking in terms of real relief from your stress, then, shun all these foods.

Go in for foods that encourage stability and do not cause rampant fluctuations in blood sugar, adrenaline and cortisol levels to derail your relief initiatives.

Stress Relief-Make a new Beginning

Start with a wholesome breakfast. Take it regularly. Eat plenty of carbohydrates like brown rice, buckwheat pasta and brown bread. Try whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables. Your blood sugar levels would remain normal. Add fiber content to your diet. They help in digestion and bowel movement. Go for fish and chicken instead of red meat.

And see the beginning of a new life with stress relief.


Stress is everywhere in life. Overcoming it is the key to happiness. Right diet helps in stress relief. They make our systems more stable. Foods that give a temporary high should be avoided as they harm us more.

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Author: Brooke Hayles
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