Diet and Exercise means Heart and Health

By: Julia Pizer

With over 65 percent of the population considered obese, no doubt United States has heart disease as the number one killer disease. The numbers are rising alarmingly and the cost of health is slated to go up steeply in the near future. The trend refuses to ebb and is rapidly going from bad to worse. The government is concerned, and as a result it unveiled its new food pyramid that emphasizes on a well-balanced diet and a good deal of exercise.

The pyramid presents a new outlook on exercise and a balanced diet. It shows that all members of a food group are not equal. For instance, certain vegetables might be better for you than others, and it is not enough to just eat vegetables but you must choose the ones that agree with you. Similarly, it is not important to just count the actual servings but to know what is in those servings.

To be certain, you want also to reduce the size of the servings and alter the traditional "3 meals per day" rationale of years past. It is advised that you have three fairly light meals with two snacks throughout the day for best results. The idea is to increase your metabolism and thus improve chances for sustained weight loss.

Your metabolism is basically the speed at which your body's engine is running. The higher the metabolism, the more energy it takes to keep the body functioning normally. When you skip breakfast or go for long periods between eating, the body naturally slows the metabolism as a means of conserving energy. Eating meals more often and in smaller amounts actually keeps the metabolism up and increases your chances for sustained weight loss.

Increasing your metabolism is made easier by working out. In particular, weight lifting is great for the heart and body. This is because muscles burn more energy than any other tissue in your body. The larger your muscles, the more energy you will burn throughout the day and the higher your metabolism will remain.

Aerobic exercises are also important for a strong heart and healthy body. Jogging, biking, cross-country skiing, and swimming are all great aerobic exercises to consider using in your exercise routine. For best results, it is best to perform aerobic exercises three days a week for roughly thirty minutes. As with any workout or exercise, it is actually worse to push too hard because this can lead to injuries.

Most importantly, drink lots of water for your health in general and your heart in particular. Being a natural purifier, water helps remove toxins from your body. As a rule of the thumb, you need to drink half an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. It is important to realize the benefits of exercise and balanced diet not only to enjoy good health but also to reduce medical costs. A good diet and proper exercise will help you feel better about yourself than you do now. To avoid the possibility of becoming another statistic you need to take steps to improve your diet and lifestyle necessary for a better heart and better living.

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