Diet And Natural Supplements For Hard Bowel Movement Problem

By: Benton Recon

Hard bowel movement is a widespread problem that can result in tearing of tissues in the intestine and causing release of mucus. The digestive tract that is exposed to such condition is susceptible to infections and ulcers. In certain people it causes rectal prolapsed where a part of the intestinal lining comes out of the anus and causes inconvenience and pain. It also results in swelling in the anus and itching. Sometimes, chronic constipation can cause diverticulitis- the problem where small pockets are formed due to excess pressure and it can also cause hemorrhoids. This problem can be caused by prolonged lack of physical activity, missing the urge to go for bowel movement, dehydration, stress, medication or exposure to indigestible objects. The problem can be resolved by regulating diet and natural supplements for hard bowel movement problem can be taken to prevent it completely.

Arozyme Capsule is widely used herbal capsule that works amazingly to reduce the problem of constipation. Exercising, a proper diet and natural supplements for hard bowel movement problem can easily cure the problem of constipation.

Some of the modifications in diet can that can help are -
1. Increase intake of dietary fibre - Dietary fibre are bulk forming laxatives that can help in reducing constipation as it binds water to soften stool. The dietary fibre can be taken from -
a. Fruits and vegetables - Fruits and vegetables are good source of fibre.
b. Whole grain, cereals or oat bran - Sometimes, whole grain, cereals or oat bran can be more effective than fruit or vegetables based fibre.
c. Psyllium seeds - Psyllium seeds are commonly used dietary fibre that can help in reducing the problems of bowel movement.
2. Taking fibre in high amount can reduce constipation but a high fibre diet can cause flatulence in people who take only refined diets and no fibre. In such people bacteria in the intestine is not trained to digest the fibre and gas is produced as bi-product of digestion of fibre.
3. Lubricating foods - The foods that can promote emulsions are lubricating laxatives. Mineral oils are given in certain conditions to promote bowel movement and it provides as short-term relief from the problem. Aloe vera is a natural lubricant that is also beneficial for the liver. It works gently to promote movement of bowel in digestive system.
4. Stool softeners - Some natural laxatives can helps in softening of stool for defecation and it also relieves the pain of constipation. In some cases, the absorption of mineral oils in the body causes inflammation.
5. Saline laxative by magnesium - Doctors may give saline laxatives in the form of supplement of magnesium compounds. Regular use of magnesium compounds can affect kidney function due to increased level of toxins in the body.
6. Diuretic - Diuretic promote water retention in bowel to promote its movement. It automatically softens the bowel and Triphala (made up of three herbs Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki) is a natural diuretic.

Taking appropriate diet and natural supplements for hard bowel movement problem such as Arozyme Capsule offers an easy-to-adopt method for regulating bowel movement and also enhancing power of digestive system in body.

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