Did You Hear What Happened at the Party?

By: Sarah Carlye

After a cooperate party, event, or fundraiser, you don’t want to be the topic of embarrassing stories when people talk about what happened at the party. By following some of the suggestions below, you may not be the top topic of conversation around the office the next day, but you will maintain a professional image that will be remembered when it is time for a raise or promotion.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS-maintaining a professional image will start before you leave the house. Chose clothes appropriate for the event. If it is casual, dress casual…if it is formal then find something formal to wear. Wear modest clothes. The woman in the plunging neckline with lots of cleavage will catch everyone’s attention at the party, but not when it comes time to choose someone to represent the company at a meeting. Save the sexy clothes for the club or a date.

ARRIVE ON TIME-arriving early is best, but at least be on time. This will give you a chance to choose where you sit. Before it gets crowded, it is easier to stand out and will allow people to get to know you. Most of the top people in a company will be early to on time. This is a good opportunity to get to know people personally and put faces with names.

REMEMBER NAMES WHEN BEING INTRODUCED-this is very difficult for some people. A couple ways to overcome problems remembering names is to inject the person’s name as often as possible during the first few conversations. Another trick includes looking at the person from a distance and repeating their name (silently) 5 times and then repeat with the next person than you want to remember their name. During lulls in the party, glance through the room and repeat.

LIMIT BUSINESS TALK-keep the conversations on topic for an event that has a purpose, like fundraising or to celebrate an accomplishment, but don’t overdo it. Remember to make the most of the opportunity to get to know co-workers, customers, and venders personally. After the party you won’t be just be another name on the email list, you’ll be the guy who coaches a football team and can make lasagna from scratch.

KEEP PERSONAL INFORMATION GENERAL-for safety reasons and professional reasons; you don’t need to talk about the intimate details of a night on the town or details of your routine. Especially at very large functions, you just don’t know the type of people who will be attending, so don’t put yourself at risk. Also, those who may be competing with you may be fishing for information to hold against you or be brought up to others to interfere with a promotion opportunity.

Always remember that when you are at a cooperate event, you are at a cooperate event and no matter how casual, these are your co-workers, customers, and venders.

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