Determining Your Manners At The Card Table

By: Jule Mendes

While card skills and betting techniques can definitely get you through a game of Texas Hold'em poker, there is yet another trick that you can use to gain an edge in the game. The image that other players see of you on the table can also be a potential tool in winning the game.

Knowing how to project yourself on the card table is somewhat very tricky though. You need to present yourself in such a manner that player’s will be intimidated of you. By intimidating, it doesn’t mean that you have to be rowdy or look like a goon. Rather, you need to be the opposite, people must see you as a sleek and confident card player in both transitional and casino online.

In this regard, appearance plays a big part. You need to to present yourself in a neat manner in order to evoke that sleek feel. You don’t need to wear a classy suit for this one, all you need is a mice looking shirt. What you really need is confidence, you need to walk to the table looking as if you can easily beat everyone.

Your confidence also need s to extend to the gaming table. You need to be assertive in the game and throw your weight in early on. Here, card playing skills will definitely help in creating an imposing image to other players. Of course, for a more effective strategy, choose your play such that you achieve more wins, creating more impact.

However, you need to be a bit cautious during play. A hint of your moves can definitely blow your projected image off, as the other players will find ways to beat you. As much as possible, you need to conceal your actions. One of the actions that you need to hide is your eye movement. Experienced players can easily discern if you are looking at your cards by simply looking at your eyes. Furthermore, they can tell what hand you have by looking at your reaction. It would be definitely hard to remain stone faced all throughout the game so you can hide your eyes using a pair of sunglasses, which actually is allowed in the casino. For a more inconspicuous look, wear a hat or cap instead.

Moreover, you will also be prone to being targeted by other players once they perceive you as a serious player. In some instances, you will find yourself being the target for other players. In order to hide your skills, you need to loosen up a little at times to distract your opponent’s attention from you. Often a little goofy reaction can do the trick. You can also engage other players in a conversation to present yourself as a casual player, then deploy your skills at a crucial moment to surprise other players.

While you are keeping your moves hidden, you also need to watch other players’ moves. To avoid being noticed, and players changing their strategies, you need to be discreet. Find opportunities where they are occupied in order to see their moves. You can also guise your observation by making it look like a casual gaze. Remember to do this only a few times to avoid being noticed.

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