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By: Sage Boucher

Unless you have the money to outsource to a professional copywriter, it is in your best interest to learn about the fine art of psychological selling. Let's get into the heart of the matter straight away because this really is a critical knowledge area for you to discover.

People look for value when they're buying a product and as we all know value is not in any way a fixed number in this case. A lot more than you realize goes into this equation about value, and it is automatically calculated in most cases on the fly by the person looking at the product. However, you also have to think about peculiarities that can come into play that can be a sort of wild card with the overall value equation. You need to demonstrate real value to your prospects to appeal to them and actually make a sale; the value should be either equal to or greater than the price. The greater value you are able to offer to your prospects at a less price, the more likely people are going to buy from you. You will really never know what the market will bear until you actually run tests at different price points. One thing about consumers is very few are willing to be the first out in front leading the charge with buying something. This behavior is just a fact of human nature and is to be expected. So then that is why people look to see if others have gone before them. There are so many fears that people have, and this is just all fear based behavior. So, this is all leading up to the use of testimonials in your business. So just use good testimonials if you have them, and then if not then try to provide other means for social proof.

Of course any time a purchase is made it is done for some specific reason. But eventually it all comes down to wanting or desiring something which speaks of emotions. Yes, creating and amplifying the desire that is felt for a product can be enormously powerful in sales and advertising.

If you are not totally committed to your product and write in a muddy fashion, then all of that will come through loud and clear with in your sales copy. There is much more to this kind of approach and writing, but we have provided you with a taste of it.

The more you learn about selling psychology, the more creative you can get with your own campaigns.

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