Detailed comparison between GSM and CDMA

By: Roger Smiths

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, while CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access. GSM is a user friendly network as compared to CDMA. The basic different between both of them are that CDMA is a technology and GSM is a known as a standard. Earlier, user of both had faced various problems regarding signals because of that, they need to step out in the open to avoid any sort of signal issues and disruption in calls. With time, these two networks have got quite advanced, due to which previous problem has been sorted out and it does not affect users anymore.

In 1987, GSM was introduced by GSM association, a global organization to generate this advanced technology all over the word. The total coverage of GSM network is divided into various hexagonal-shaped cells. Each of them contain their own corresponding network tower that assist the mobile phones in that particular cellular area.

On the other hand, CDMA was introduced by Qualcomm, United States. It is a familiar network in North America. It is also know as spread spectrum technology, which allow different users to obtain same amount of time and frequency allocations within the given space. It provides a unique code to each user to differentiate them from others in a similar spectrum.

CDMA is faster than GSM. In GSM, the sim is associated with network, on the other hand, CDMA is linked to mobile phone. There are some areas where CDMA remains above GSM due to which the statistics goes in the favor of CDMA. There are number of reasons like call dropping, voice distortion or echo problems become vanished in CDMA network.

Both the networks are also different on the basis of carrier. GSM mobile phones use SIM card, while the other network is straight away linked to the carrier. As far as carrier is concerned, GSM is considered a step ahead of CDMA network. moreover, GSM allow users to use any carrier as per their need and demand and can change it anytime. CDMA users are not allowed to change their carrier and have to stick with the same. In fact, those who are using CDMA network need to change the whole handset in case they want to change their service provider.

Apart from this, both the networks are improving the quality of their services day-by-day. GSM and CDMA has same network coverage area and available almost everywhere. They is a great competition between the two and trying hard to step ahead from one another.

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