Despite the Web, Do Not Forget About Offline Marketing Strategies

By: Ed Przybylski

One fast way that offline marketing is working today ; have you ever heard the phrase "Go to our webs site at www." while listening to a radio or TV ad? Sure you have. It is almost impossible not to hear those words 100 times per day as we continuously get battered by announcement after advert these days suggesting that you visit their website. Offline marketing is alive and well in spite of all of the claims to the contrary, but it is taking on a new role. That new role is to get you to the website quite as much as into the showroom.

In a recent study, just about 40 percent of net searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline marketing channel. Forty percent! Does that number surprise you? Many do not find it that surprising as once somebody raises their eyes away from their computer or mobile app cell phone they are had a meeting with a litany of advertisers doing it the old skool way. The study asked users what prompted them to search on the internet for a particular company, product, service or slogan. The results were :

Television advert : 44%
Personal recommendation : 41%
Magazine / Newspaper Advertisement : 35 percent
Radio : 23%
Poster advertisement : 13%

Clearly the results displayed above indicate that in many cases developing a diet comprised of online marketing alone is not part of a complete diet. Just like the human need to have a carefully balanced diet, advertisers need to have a well balanced approach to promoting the business thru a variety of channels and not just through the internet. The facts are the facts, if you are marketing totally on the web, then you're not reaching all your future customers.

One of the most staggering results of offline marketing shown above is the outcome for recommendation by friends advertising, a virtually free strategy of promoting your MLM or home business. This is a good reason why so many folks today are extolling the advantages of social networking like Twitter and texting messages to help expedite information exchange and to enlighten others to different probabilities. Getting others to inform their mates via Twitter or text that they just picked up a great new pair of trainers at the XYZ Boutique does more to drive traffic in your direction that most give it credit for.

And let's bear in mind what has happened with our computers and mobile creates today. Many are being kitted out with the resources to tap directly into radio and television while on a busy schedule, and folks are using these features in hordes. It isn't all work on these invents, there is masses of play going on too. When utilizing these offline resources ( while technically being online to access the programs ) they again become one of the 44% that are influenced by TV, or the 23% that are influenced by radio.

Offline marketing isn't going to go away simply because the web has come to the city. Folks are likely to need to take an integrated approach to their marketing campaigns and being totally narrow-minded and centered on only the internet for promotion may not be in your best interest going forward.

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