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By: Dale Reaves

Designer clothing has matured over time, providing both style and quality unrivaled by the everyday clothing retailer. The appeal of such branded clothing is multifold, not only do they provide for a rewarding and fine-looking appearance amongst social groups but they provide a higher status in a professional environment too. Excuse the cliché but the saying "first impressions last" could not be overstated in what you derive out of and from within life. Looking good also adds to that all important self-confidence, a critical aura in coming across positively and with charisma which could make the difference between make or break.

This begs the question why is designer menswear so popular? Why do we buy the authentic designer garment and not the cheaper one that aesthetically at least can look identical? The simple answer is designer brands are popular because they command quality, style, elegance and inspiration, above all they are manufactured using the finest of materials and production methods to provide them with durability that you would expect from such garments. They may be more expensive than standard clothing, but they set the standards where others follow.

Designer clothing is constantly under the threat of cheaper copies. This is the reason that in most western countries the production and sales of copies are illegal and rightly so. The consumer is duped into paying less at the till for goods that may look exactly the same as designer clothing, however the consumer is soon dismayed by the short life span of the garment, therefore in the long term incurring greater costs.

In a civilized society creativity is protected, the aim being to stimulate more of it, after all it can be argued that creativity is the engine for growth. Designer men's labels such as Armani Jeans, D&G, Diesel, DSquared, Evisu, Fake London, John Smedley, Maharishi, PRPS, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood have existed and become well renowned labels because of this creativity and innovation, coupled with a promise of quality and elegance. Designers of such labels strive to constantly create new elegant and cool looks and invest vast amounts of time and effort in doing so, this effort has to rewarded by society,

It is a fact that the fashion industry has grown over the years, an industry which once existed for women has over time began catering for the self-conscious male. The retail distribution of designer wear is tightly controlled to ensure that only legitimate suppliers can access such goods, the trick being to find the most competitive of designer wear clothing retailers, this has become easier with the advent of the internet. has been in the designer wear distribution for over 30 years now. They not only have vast experience in sourcing the latest styles and fashions but also at the most competitive rates. From high street retail they moved into online distribution to allow for greater exposure to the high class goods they have on offer at the hugely competitive prices.

Having exclusive dealerships with all the major designer brands you can shop online with confidence, experiencing the biggest global brands and latest trends in designer menswear, with a guarantee of impeccable service. A man who is a fashion savvy shopper and cares about the way he looks can visit circle menswear right away, the site has all the latest designer wear clothing ranges, laid out in a way where you can view with telescopic accuracy.

Circle opened its doors in Chesterfield in 1996 and has undoubtedly become one of the regions most innovative stores. It has a distinctive brand mix and tries to bring uniqueness that cannot be attained anywhere else.

As you browse through the store you will espy collections from some of the worlds most famous men’s designer clothing from Armani Jeans, D&G, Diesel, DSquared, Evisu, Fake London, John Smedley, Maharishi, PRPS, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and many more.

With many department stores now open Circle feels the combination of brands, styles, service and above all competitive pricing are the reason why they are the choice of so many customers across Europe. As if this was not enough if one was to visit any of the stores they would be welcomed by friendly and informed staff, providing personal assistance and an in house expert alteration service guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

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For More Information On designer clothing from Armani Jeans, D&G, Diesel, DSquared You can visit the website here and browse for your designer clothing needs, Customer care is excellent and you can even mail your queries to them at [email protected] and they will get back to you in real time.

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