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By: Charlie Reese

Why Are Military Watches So Desirable By Civilians?

The watch is a useful accessory for day-to-day life. In war and combat however it can be a life savor and provide the wearer with much needed information. The question is why are military watches so desirable by civilians? If they are specifically designed for use in combat, what makes military watches useful to everyday people?

Features Of Military Watches And Why People Like Them

The first feature of military watches that people look for is their quality. These watches have to be tough and have to be able to survive a multitude of environments. Whether it is the coldest snow peaked mountain or the hottest dry desert valley, these watches have to keep on ticking. If they fail to work then the wearer could be in significant trouble.

The approval process and testing for approved military watches is very strict. These are not strictures that a normal jewelry watch needs to comply with. The watches have to work under water, at high altitude and in extremes of temperature. Because of that people like to have military watches so that they can rely on them.

The next feature that people look for from their watch is accuracy. Military watches are renowned for being extremely accurate and they have to be. Much of military coordination from years ago and today relies on this accuracy. The watch must keep solid time to coordinate the movements of troops across the battlefield. The larger the battlefield, the more complicated this gets. With a high quality timepiece however this is much easier. You do not have to rely on complicated radio equipment that can be easily disrupted. As long as movements are coordinated using a solid timepiece they are virtually impossible to disrupt. People in there day-to-day lives will probably never need the hundredth of a second accuracy some military watches provide, but it is comforting to know that you can rely on your watch to keep accurate time.

The last thing people look for in military watches is not really a feature of the watch itself but more of a byproduct of the other features. This feature is style. Military watches have a rugged style about them that fans of this type of watch look for and cannot find in normal jeweled watches. While some try to emulate it, they usually fall short.

So there you have it, some simple features that are key to all military watches that everyday people like to see in their timepiece.

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