Design Your Own Police Badge - Dos And Donts

By: John Morris

Many companies such as transit security and others, sometimes referred to as rent-a-cops, may require identification. In creating badges for your employees, it is important that you make sure of the laws regarding police badges to prevent criminal charges. Here are some of the laws regarding the wearing of police badges.

According to the Federal Law (HR 4827, Law #106-547) that discusses the possession of fake police badges:

- A person that has produced of Fake police badges and transports it into another country or state is illegal
- An unauthorized person who produces fake police badges and wears it to impersonate a cop, and knowingly makes use of the police badges’ power in trading or businesses is illegal
- Police badges could only be used in business exclusively by policemen
- The usage of a fake police badge could entitle a person to spend at least 6 months in prison or paid bail for the act
- Fake police badges could only be used in theatrical presentations within the area of show, television and dramatic production, and any recreational purpose and entertainment reasons alone
- Police badges that are not approved by your local office to hold law enforcement powers could not be used in public places
- Retired policemen could keep their I.D. police badges with the knowledge that it would not be used as an enforcement tool to the public
- The presentation of the fake police badges to the public and advertising any agency you claim to be a member of could serve you time in jail.

1. Design Your Own Police Badge

Consider copying the design of your local police badge (given the presumption that it would not be used in public). You could have pictures taken using a digital camera and place it into your computer. Print your photo directly onto the card by means of a printer ribbon. You could make use of a specialty ink jet printer. Or you could develop your pictures on your nearest digital service store.

The color of your police badges could vary in type. It could be full color or monochromatic. You could choose if you want to print on both the sides or not. You could print your badges manually or with specialty printing equipment that could print it automatically.

2. Select Your Size

The size of the card you could use in making your custom police badges would depend on the type of printing you would make use. Printing equipment is important because the output of your badges would rely largely on the quality of the printers. Printers that qualify for specialty printing of I.D. badges are Fargo, Zebra and Canon.

3. Determine Needed Information To Dispay

The content of your custom police badge would depend on your preference. Although duplicating of social security numbers and names that exist on law enforcements offers is illegal, it is safer to make use of bogus names or your own name and information. A police badge is not complete without the signature of the bearer. Make sure that your signature is printed into the card - whichever side of it you prefer. It is essential that you create a layout when creating badges for multiple persons to ensure they are all identical and thus easily identifyable.

4. Other Accessories

If you use a bar code system, or thumb marking system, that can be placed onto the badge as well. Although it would give you more work in designing the card.

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