Desert and Travels

By: Jhon Killy

With the existence of numerous exotic deserts nestled all over the world, there has been tremendous increase in the demand of “Desert and travels” among the travelers. A unique desert safari is all set to rival the exotic nature of an African safari; sight of barren and gravel plain are the main characteristic features of desert and the count has various things to offer to their visitors, as there are many things to see and to do during desert travels. No wonder deserts are arid regions and receive very less rainfalls each year; therefore it is quite natural with some regions where the potential evaporation rate is twice as great as the precipitation. Apart from such dry and arid deserts there are cool coastal deserts situated along the same latitudes as subtropical deserts, the average temperature is much cooler because of frigid offshore ocean currents. Sometimes the Polar Regions are also recognized to be deserts because nearly all moisture in these areas is locked up in the form of ice. With so much of climatic imbalance and unique geographical features traveling to a desert region needs plenty of preparations. In order to make the vacation memorable and fun filled, a travelers need to check out several information that can help to deals against the unfavorable environmental condition during desert trip. To make sure that your desert adventure is a success, check out this list of travel tips.

Today with the invention of new improved technologies, most of the people consider that the problems of living and traveling in deserts have been solved, but till today there are problems such as lack of water and high temperatures. In reality, deserts and travels have not changed and problems still arise when traveling in them. One aspect of the desert travel remains unchanged - mistakes and misfortune can to easily be fatal. For those travelers staying in well accommodated in good hotels in real staying in desert can be different. With so much of obstacles and difficulties, desert and semi-desert travel is the largest single surface area and so has an importance for travelers rarely met with elsewhere.
There are few important rules that are necessary to follow so as to ensure safe and comfortable journey.

Try to visit such desert regions during the time of spring; it is the best time to plan a desert safari. Finish your walking sessions in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not as hot.

With the existence of scorching sunlight, avoid exposure to the sun at all costs or move from shade to shade. Sunburns or heat exhaustion are very serious issues and can prove fatal, therefore instead of ignoring them travelers are advised to wear a hat, sunscreen and dark sunglasses before stepping out. Periodic application of sunscreen to any exposed areas is a must. Try wearing light, loose long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect your skin from the sun. Head and the neck regions are the one that has to be covered. Use a high Sun Protection Factor (SPA) cream to minimize the effects of Ultraviolet-B. Ventilated boots makes ideal footwear. To keeping sand, venomous livestock, sun and thorns off the feet. Travelers are advised to keep some warm clothes in handy in order to deal with cold nights.

Always keep yourself hydrate, drink good quality water regularly and fully. According to source 10-15 litters per day are needed by a healthy person to avoid dehydration in desert conditions. It has been seen most of the ailments arising during desert travel is related to water deficiency. Travelers are therefore advised to carry at least one gallon per day/person of drinking water.

Sand storm or violent thunderstorms are not uncommon in the desert, before heading out keep your eye on the sky. Be wise enough to stay in your quarters or vehicle if there is a sand storm developing anywhere near you.

Take some extra care on your diet, stomach upsets is quite common faced by many travelers. Opt for hot cooked meals rather than cold meats and tired salads. Peel all fruit and uncooked fresh vegetables and avoid drinking 'native' milk-based items or untreated water.

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