Dermal fillers: An Overview

By: Arran Carper

“A thing of beauty is joy forever” – John Keats

This quote of John Keats speaks a lot about the human psyche; we are always attracted to things which are beautiful, which are thoroughly eye-pleasing.

In this Endeavour of achieving eternal beauty; the modern Cosmetic surgery is playing an excellent role.  There are various treatments available in the market among which dermal fillers Virginia Beach is creating a considerable buzz.

It is been regarded as an effective way to restore the youthful splendor of the face!

In fact, if you are looking to get the plump and pouty lips or want to enhance the superficial contours or alleviate those soft wrinkles, dermal fillers may offer you the right solution!

Touted as "liquid facelifts" dermal fillers have became popular owing to the fact that they offer almost same type of benefits of a surgical facelift and that too without any downtime.

Though this treatment is not very much help for the skin which has sag excessively it is extremely helpful for the soft tissue; as it adds more volume to this tissue, along with providing instant results in a very affordable prices – The cost is lower as compared to the surgery.

This treatment primarily requires direct injection of a naturally or synthetically derived material into the frown lines like between the brows, or in the deep lines at corners of the nose, in the lines along the jaw line or in the hollowed parts of your face. Doing so, fills-up the wrinkles and lines almost immediately and the skin starts looking plumped up from the point since wrinkles and fine lines gets disappeared.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that there is no downtime. After the surgery; you don’t have to wait for days to resume your routine activities – You can carry on with your daily activities without any serious troubles.

The only thing one needs to remember is not to rub the area which has just undergone the treatment; in order to keep the fillers undisturbed. In case, if you get a little bit of bruising or swelling; it will be gone in few days.

It is seen that people who have gone for human fat as a filler, usually feel being "over-filled" at first; but this subsides in few hours or, in some cases, in some days.

Like every treatment; dermal fillers has its own set of complications, which arises if proper care is taken. These complications include acnes, Redness, rashes, itching, migration of the fillers from the original area, etc.

These complications can be dealt with effectively if proper care is taken both by the people undergoing the treatment and the surgeons.

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