Dental Diseases on Your Dog

By: SA Perillo

It is not unusual for a dog to have dental diseases because their teeth are exposed to a lot of bacteria, especially since their teeth are not brushed everyday and they eat different kinds of food. Pet owners and some veterinarians as well, still do not know much of the dental diseases that dogs can get, and so here are the kinds of dentals diseases.

One of the most common diseases is halitosis or what we call bad breath. Yes, we sometimes smell bad breath from out dogs, and we just let it be because we think it is normal. But what pet owners dont know is there are bacteria forming in the mouth the gums are infected already because of plaque. From plaque forms tartar that sticks to the tooth surface and on the gum line produces a place open for the bacteria to come in. And when bacteria reside in these places, the periodontal tissues are destroyed and produce a bad odor.

Another dental disease is gingivitis where the gum line becomes a straight line along the tooth, when it should be slightly wavy. This just means that the gums are inflamed and in comes gingivitis. Plaque is also the common cause of this disease and it will disappear once you find the cause and give the proper medication. But it can become permanent when gums deteriorate and the root surface of the tooth is exposed. This is more serious for dogs because a very small amount of gum loss can provide a lot of surface for plaque and this leads to your dog losing his teeth.

There is also the periodontitis where an infection spreads to the tissues and bones, thus the result is the loss of teeth. Sadly, this disease is irreversible and the infection can spread towards more teeth and gums. Dental diseases are no joke when it comes to dogs because their teeth are one of the most sensitive parts in their body. So, as a pet owner, you must take care of your dogs teeth and take the necessary precautions in making those teeth better. If possible, pet owners should brush the teeth of their dogs to make sure it is clean and free from bacteria. Then, they must watch out for the food they give because sometimes, its the food that damages the dogs teeth. Pet owners should not buy rough dog foods that are hard to bite because it can leave a crack on the dogs teeth. This is also another type of dog dental disease.

There are still not much subjects or topics regarding dental diseases on dogs with pet owners and veterinarians. So if you are one of the pet owners who care so much about their dogs dental health, then talk to your veterinarian about it and discuss what can be done in order to prevent dental diseases not just on dogs, but also on other pets. This way, you will show how much you care for the welfare of your pet.

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